Prepare for a career in writing, editing, publishing, advertising, law, education, or business. Enhance your written and oral communication skills. You can accomplish these goals with a degree in English.

You will learn in a program that values diverse students and serves all. We offer excellent courses in the literary classics, as well as in women's literature, African-American literature, and working-class literature.

You will also:

  • Be prepared for graduate studies in many fields. Our courses "Contemporary Literary Theory" and "Senior Capstone Seminar" help prepare you for the demands of graduate school.
  • Study the foundations of modern literature in our Shakespeare course.
  • Explore environmental issues in our American Nature Writing course.
  • Become familiar with the trends of postmodernism.
  • Examine race, class, and gender issues in many of our courses.
  • Study the history of the English language and understand how language shapes the way we live and think.
  • Learn with instructors who bring to the English classroom their knowledge in many disciplines, including literature, linguistics, the humanities, and the arts.
  • Be supported in your studies. We make special efforts to retain first-year students and busy adults. Our instructors are trained to help working-class students succeed.