"The Gender Studies Program offers students crucial skills in thinking about human interactions rooted in gender—whether in the classroom, the office, the country, or globally. The study of gender helps students become effective communicators, clear writers, and complex thinkers in their professional lives and engaged citizens in their communities."
Dr. Tammy Durant, Assistant Professor, Literature and Language.

Have you ever imagined—or wished to create—a more equitable human community? Now you can find your voice in Metropolitan State's new Gender Studies program.

This interdisciplinary program examines the role of gender across the spectrum of human experience. Students will:

  • investigate the intersections of gender with other social categories such as race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ability and disability, and age;
  • study LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) identities and communities;
  • examine the struggles and celebrate the achievements of women across cultures and time; and
  • explore opportunities for community-based learning and action.

Take a class and be a part of it.