A Liberal Arts Major (LAM) is an opportunity for students to customize a major within the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). A LAM is intended to reflect students' unique interests. The major cannot resemble an existing major in CLA. Liberal arts study enhances research, analysis, and communication skills, while increasing general knowledge.

Students are encouraged to think broadly and creatively about all the types of skills and areas of study that could help make an individual more intellectually resourceful. For example, could an ethnic studies course make an individual a better communicator? Could a philosophy course make an individual a better leader? The LAM supports study across as well as within liberal arts disciplines. Consultation with one's advisor is required for application.

The LAM consists of at least 33 upper-division credits for which the student can articulate a rationale of coherence in writing. With the support of an advisor, students will select 32 credits of interdisciplinary work for the core of their LAM program. An additional 1 credit upper-division SDIS LAM mentorship with a member of the CLA faculty is required of all students. Usually all 33 credits would be in courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts; however, with approval, as many as 8 credits in disciplines outside the college may be included. At least half of the LAM credits must be earned at Metropolitan State.

LAM Guidelines (.pdf)
LAM Course List (.pdf)
LAM Tips (.pdf)
LAM Mentorship Instructions (.pdf)
LAM Reflective Essay (for majors prior to Fall 2014)(.pdf)