Learn to write strong messages and speak persuasively. Get the qualifications for a career in a high-growth area. You can accomplish these goals with a degree in professional communication.

Choose your own track to focus on your interests.

  • Organizational Communication
  • Public Relations

You will also:

  • Strengthen your skills in team building, conflict management, and communications development.
  • Network with and learn from communications professionals in the business world.

Explore program tracks

Choose one of two tracks to a professional communications degree.

Track 1: Organizational Communication

Follow the Organizational Communication track to understand how internal organizational communication can be improved. A minor in organizational communication is also offered.

Learn key skills:

  • Build successful teams
  • Train workers
  • Coordinate communications
  • Analyze information flow
  • Resolve conflicts

See more information about course requirements.

Track 2: Public Relations

Public relations practitioners use their sophisticated communication skills, theoretical knowledge, and analytical abilities to conduct advocacy campaigns, lobby, and develop strategic relationships.

Learn key skills:

  • Gain knowledge and experience in planning, research, promotion, and media relations
  • Plan communications
  • Promote people and events
  • Conduct media relations
  • Produce high-impact publications
  • Lobbying key stakeholders

See more information about course requirements.