Harold Chromy

Harold Chromy
Accounting Instructor, South Central Technical College
North Mankato, Minnesota

At present, I am an accounting instructor at South Central Technical College in North Mankato Minnesota. I have been teaching accounting for 21 years at both the Faribault and North Mankato colleges.

In addition, I own and operate an income tax practice with about 120 individual and business clients and also work partial time as an accountant for a manufacturing company in Medford MN.

I examined a number of different graduate schools which offered an MBA program. There were three reasons why I chose Metropolitan State University. The first reason was the faculty. My first encounter at Metropolitan State was with my advisor, Professor Carol Bormann Young. She tailored my program to fit my needs. In addition, all of the faculty are professionals in their subject area. They provided insight in current issues in the courses they taught and were available when I needed assistance.

Next was the diversity of the student population. It is refreshing to work with individuals with differing backgrounds and cultures. This enhanced my learning experience in graduate school.

Finally, Metropolitan State offered courses at convenient times. As a nontraditional student who had to drive 75 plus miles one way to class, I had a choice of attending either evening or weekend courses that fit my schedule.

I enjoyed my experience at Metropolitan State University. Much of the course content is relevant to my careers as a CPA and as an instructor. The faculty, staff, and administration of Metropolitan State University were very helpful and supportive. I strongly urge anyone exploring an MBA to consider Metropolitan State University.

Cindy Murphy Kelley

Cindy Murphy Kelley
Executive Director, Chrysalis

Cindy Murphy Kelley has worked in staff leadership positions at four twin cities metropolitan area nonprofit organizations since 1987. She current leads Chrysalis, a nonprofit multi-services organization serving women and their families. In her career she has worked in the areas of early childhood education, kindergarten to sixth grade education, mental and chemical health services, homelessness, and affordable housing.

I chose the MBA program at Metropolitan State University because I needed a broader perspective about business and to strengthen my ability to assess and analyze opportunities in the nonprofit sector. My education increased my critical thinking skills and provided multiple opportunities to integrate information necessary to become a strong manager and leader.

The teaching staffs at Metro offer real world experience, a traditional classroom model and internet learning opportunities. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend class with other working adults. Other students strengthen the quality of classroom discussion because of their own work and life experience. They also understand the challenge of working, going to school and raising a family.?

In addition to her work at Chrysalis, Cindy does nonprofit consulting and teaches adjunct at Metropolitan State University in the MPNA program.

Erik Westgard

Erik Westgard
Group Manager, IP Business Development, AT&T

Not long after finishing my MBA at Metropolitan State I applied for and was promoted into a supervisory position. The group I got was composed on seasoned professionals, and I did not feel I could make a lot of "rookie" mistakes. I found myself using material I learned in the program almost every day at work. Some of the skills ranged from how to wrote a memo to senior management (make it brief and have an executive summary) to how identify people with an internal vs. external locus of control and conflict resolution.

As you move up in management, and spend more time with executives, it is increasing necessary to have a full set of professional management tools and skills available. I have been involved office conversations using concepts right out of our class work, on sunk costs and price elasticity and price maker vs. price taker behavior in markets.

This program is "working adult friendly" - you are not spending every night in the library with your study groups, as it is assumed you have a lot of the basic skills down and are looking to enhance what you have learned in your professional experience. I learned a lot not just from the faculty, but from the other students, who all had good insights to share.

I recommend taking the "thesis option" as I learned a lot writing a formal business plan, and have had to write and review business plans since.