Academic advising will help you make informed decisions, feel confident about your plans, make the most of your education, and complete your degree as efficiently as possible. On the College of Management (COM) Undergraduate Academic Advising Online site you will find information about getting started as a New COM Student, Successful Registration, and information specific to the COM majors and minors. You will also find Advising Information for Faculty, Staff, and Students that includes links to professional organizations, resources, services, Forms, and Handouts.

We encourage you to use the web site as a primary resource to get your questions answered and find the information you need about your requirements. The university's search function can be helpful in finding specific information.

If you have not yet been admitted to Metropolitan State University and want to discuss a College of Management program, contact the Admissions Office to meet with a Metropolitan State Admissions Counselor. Admissions Counselors can help you decide which program is right for you, discuss how your previous coursework will transfer, and provide assistance with the admissions process.

What is Academic Advising?

Academic advising is designed to provide you with the information and the support that you need to make informed plans and decisions about your program and to achieve your educational goals. You are always in charge of your education — you make the decisions! Academic advisors can help you learn what you need to know; sort out your questions; think through your options; identify opportunities and shortcuts; avoid problems, and make your program right for you. Just as you might look to a lawyer for advice on a legal problem, or to a financial advisor for help with investment plans, think about an academic advisor as your consultant for your educational planning.

Advisor/Student Expectations located in the COM Advising Syllabus in the  College of Management Student Handbook is a handy guide that outlines what you can expect from your advisor, and what your advisor will expect from you. Both the advisor and the student have responsibilities to make this an effective advising partnership. If you can't find the information you need on the advising web site, you should contact your advisor to get help with your questions or concerns. Don’t wait until you are having academic difficulty. You are encouraged to plan ahead, (view Long-Term Academic Plan Worksheet) especially before the registration period when advisors are very busy. Communicate with your advisor regularly, and follow his or her recommendations.

Academic Advising in College of Management

Newly admitted College of Management (COM) undergraduate students are assigned to work with a "pre-major advisor" before they declare their major. Pre-major advisors are full-time professional academic advisors in the College of Management. After reviewing the New COM Student Information and completing New Student Orientation and the on-campus Group Advising and Registration Session (optional), you can contact your pre-major advisor with any questions you have about getting started or choosing your major.

The College of Management Online Program Planning Module (COM OPPM) of the online New Student Orientation is required for all new COM undergraduate students. Completing the COM OPPM is one of the first things every new COM student needs to do before registering for courses. We also strongly encourage you to attend an optional Group Advising and Registration (GAR) for more information and help with planning your COM program. The GAR is in addition to the New Student Orientation required by the University for new students. You will learn more about the GAR and the necessary steps to begin your program by visiting the New COM Student Information.

Officially declaring your major after completing the online COM program planning and successfully completing all your Foundation courses. Your application to the university is not your official major declaration. When you declare your major, you “lock in” the requirements for your major. After your major declaration has been processed, you will receive, in the mail, a signed copy of the major declaration form and major checklist, an updated DARS report, and a letter with the name and updated contact information of your advisor.

After officially declaring a COM major College of Management students is assigned to either a faculty advisor appropriate for their declared major or professional academic advisor. If you prefer a faculty advisor or a professional academic advisor, you may request this on your major declaration form. Likewise, you may also request a specific advisor; if that advisor is available, we will accommodate your request.

Faculty advisors are the experts in their academic disciplines. They know the major courses in depth and have more information about careers in their specific field. Because faculty also teach courses and have other responsibilities, they are limited to advising no more than 45 graduate and undergraduate students. During the summer and other break periods, faculty are off-contract and not usually available. If you have questions regarding your program or graduation, it is important to contact your faculty advisor before he or she is off-contract. If a question arises while your faculty advisor is off-contract, contact the College of Management Advising Center for assistance.

Professional academic advisors are full-time academic advisors — their job is to provide academic advising for undergraduate students. Professional academic advisors are generalists who can work with students in any COM major, and who are very well informed about the services, systems, policies, and procedures at Metropolitan State. Professional academic advisors are available year-round. Professional academic advisors may have 400 or more students assigned to them and are typically very busy during peak registration periods.

Working with your academic advisor

You are usually not required to see your advisor or discuss your registration with your advisor each term, however, your assigned advisor is available to work with you as you plan and complete your COM program. After completing the COM online program planning, you should have most of the tools and resources you need to understand your major and GELS requirements, plan your course sequence, prepare for registration, and track your own progress. However, your advisor should be your first contact when you need clarification on a policy or requirement, want to discuss your degree options, or need guidance in a challenging situation. Advisor/Student Expectations located in the COM Advising Syllabus in the College of Management Student Handbook (.pdf) offers helpful guidelines on what to expect from an advisor and what your advisor expects of you.

If you prefer to work with a different advisor, you can contact the COM Advising Center to request change of advisors.

Once assigned to a permanent advisor, you may work with that advisor as long as you and your advisor are both at Metropolitan State. If you prefer to work with another advisor, you can contact the COM Advising Center to request change of advisors.

Planning for graduation

It is a good idea to contact your advisor about one year before you plan to graduate to make sure that you know exactly what you need to complete your degree. You also must register for the Graduation Workshop and contact your advisor at the beginning of the term you expect to graduate so that your advisor can certify that you will meet all of your requirements and can recommend you for graduation.

For more information contact Advising Center at 612-659-7269.