In this section:

  • Becoming a Successful Student
  • Placement Assessments
  • New Student Orientation
  • College of Management (Online Program Planning module of the online New Student Orientation and in-person Group Advising and Registration Assistance.)
  • Transferring Courses From Other Schools

Welcome to the College of Management (COM) at Metropolitan State University! These pages are to help you get off to a smooth and successful start. If you have questions after you have reviewed this information, please contact an academic advisor for help. Your academic success is the reason that we are here. Do not hesitate to ask for our help when you need it.

Becoming a Successful Student provides important tips to success, and will help you identify key factors that are important for your success as well as resources at Metropolitan State that can help you succeed.

Placement Assessments are required unless waived on the basis of your past courses and provide important insight into your current reading, writing, and math skills.  Completing your assessments before you register for your first term will help you to select appropriate courses.

New Student Orientation to the University is mandatory and is designed to introduce you to the university's resources and services.

College of Management Online Program Planning module (COM OPP) of the online New Student Orientation is mandatory and is designed to provide information relevant to planning your business major. The in-person Group Advising and Registration (GAR) is optional, but we encourage you to participate. The GAR will help you to understand your requirements and get limited personal assistance from COM advisors.

Transferring Courses From Other Schools explains how COM determines whether your transferred course will meet COM major requirements.

Becoming a Successful Student

Completing a college degree is a challenge for anyone. If you are working full time, have been away from school for awhile, or have weaknesses in your academic background, you may be concerned about how you will meet the challenge. To get off to a great start in your College of Management program, spend some time assessing your strengths as a student. Identify the strategies and resources that will help you make the most of your abilities and address any concerns that you have. Here are some tools to help you get off to a great start:

College of Management Academic Advising Videos: Get off to a great start with the COM Academic Advising videos. Learn how to Start Your Journey by becoming familiar with COM terms, Know the COM Requirements for your major, and Plan for Success by understanding proper course sequencing.

Assess your strengths and target skills to strengthen: The Empowered Student Wheel in the College of Management Student Handbook is
a tool to evaluate yourself on the skills, attitudes, and characteristics of successful students. Rate yourself — and decide what steps you will take to address areas that concern you.

Develop your skills: Competent students know and implement some basic strategies critical for success in a college program. Learn some key strategies that will get you off to a good start.

Take ownership of your learning: The most successful students are those who truly become engaged in their learning and take ownership of their education. The Engaged, Successful, Responsible Student in the College of Management Student Handbook explains how to get the most out of your education, enjoy learning, and excel in your courses.

Find out more about the university resources: Resources & Library Services has information about library services, tutoring labs and much more.

Placement Assessments

New students must complete the placement assessment tests, unless specifically waived based on previous courses, before their first registration. Your DARS report will indicate whether you need to complete reading, writing or math assessments, or if you are exempt from a specific assessment test. Each test will take approximately an hour to complete. Placement assessment results provide important insight into your current reading, writing, and math skills. College requires strong reading and writing skills — courses you want to complete early in your program. College Algebra is the prerequisite for many of your business courses. Complete your placement assessment tests before you register for your first term to help you select appropriate courses.

Results from the assessments in reading, writing, and math may allow you to:

  1. Waive the first-level writing or math course, or
  2. Identify some developmental courses that will help you lay a solid foundation to ensure your college success.

If you are not satisfied with your placement results, you may retest twice.

The College of Management requires that new students who have not completed a college math course complete the math placement assessment test even if you have satisfied Goal 4 with logical reasoning, statistics or another course. Although you may have met the University’s Mathematics requirement, COM requires the placement assessment to ensure you are placed in the appropriate math course for your skills.
Metropolitan State University Assessments can provide more information about when and where you can take your placement assessment tests. Placement assessment tests taken at other Minnesota State campuses within the past three years may be honored. Placement assessment tests must be taken in-person and are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.

New Student Orientation

New students must complete Metropolitan State's online New Student Orientation before their first registration. A registration hold is placed on your record until you complete the New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation provides information regarding the General Education and Liberal Studies requirements, as well as Program Planning information related to your major. Through the New Student Orientation, you will be introduced to other key university resources and policies such as:

The College of Management Online Program Planning module (COM OPP) of the New Student Orientation is required for newly admitted students, readmitted students, and students from other colleges at Metropolitan State University switching to a COM major.

The online New Student Orientation includes the COM OPP that: 

    • Enables you to complete New Student Orientation and the COM OPP, anytime, at your own pace;
    • Explains the requirements and planning tools you need to understand to plan your COM major;
    • Enables you to declare your major, if you have successfully completed your Foundation courses;
    • Enables you to review key information about planning your COM major online anytime.

Students who complete the New Student Orientation satisfy the University's orientation requirement by completing an online comprehensive quiz. For more information and registration instructions, click on “New Student Orientation” on the Gateway Student Services tab.

Important! You will not be admitted to a COM major until you have completed a COM OPP and submit a major declaration form to the College of Management.

Students who would like additional in-person information and assistance may attend a Group Advising and Registration (GAR) session.

Group Advising and Registration Assistance

Get off to a great start by completing your New Student Orientation (NSO) and Group Advising and Registration Assistance (GAR) as soon as possible after admission to Metropolitan State University.

The NSO is the University's general orientation for all students. Each college has their own GAR, which is an optional, supplemental orientation for the specific college.

The in-person GAR provides more information about COM majors, transfer courses, degree requirements, and registration planning. COM Advising strongly encourages new students to participate in the in-person GAR.

The ninety-minute COM GAR supplements the required online New Student Orientation. Register in advance for the GAR. The in-person GAR includes hands-on practice using the COM major checklist and course sequence and your DARS report, as well as time for brief, individual consultation with a COM advisor. Individual help with logging into your student portal, setting up your student email account, and registering is also available.

To register for a GAR follow this link to New Student Orientation.

Transferring Courses From Other Schools

Information about transferring courses is available on Metropolitan State’s homepage under “Transfer Students.” Here you will find information on how to appeal transfer credits, how to submit a Transfer Update Request, the Transfer Policy and much more!

When you are admitted to Metropolitan State, your previous courses will be evaluated for transfer and for how they apply to general University and major requirements. Your Interactive Degree Audit (DARS report), available through Minnesota State e-Services, will show how your transfer courses meet requirements.  Be sure to review it carefully and to discuss any questions you have with your academic advisor.

For more information regarding transferring courses to Metropolitan State refer to the Minnesota Transfer guide which allows the seamless transfer of courses between Minnesota Higher Education Institutions.

If you disagree with Metropolitan State’s evaluation of your General Education and Liberal Studies from Admissions, you may submit documentation and the Transfer Credit Appeal form to Gateway Student Services.

For more information regarding transfer courses to COM, refer to the COM Transfer Policy, which allows students to review how their prior coursework will transfer in from other institutions. 

COM knows that you need to know how your transfer courses apply toward your major requirements.  That is why we have reviewed courses from all Minnesota State schools and the University of Minnesota, and selected courses from many other schools, and entered those evaluations into the DARS system so that you can see those evaluations as soon as your DARS report is available.  In addition, we will individually review any other courses you have taken that may meet COM major requirements, and ask our faculty to evaluate them for possible equivalence to COM required courses.  If necessary, our staff will contact you to ask you to provide documentation of the content of your courses (e.g a syllabus from when you took the course) to provide an accurate evaluation. 

When our evaluation of potential major courses is complete, you will be sent a Major Checklist for your intended major showing how your transferred courses apply to major requirements.  If you disagree with the evaluation on your Major Checklist, contact your College of Management academic advisor. You may submit additional documentation to support an appeal.

Warning About "Double Transcripting": You cannot count credit twice for equivalent courses. In order to avoid unnecessary expense in both time and money, it is important to have all your transcripts listed on your application and submitted for evaluation with your application.  Review your DARS report and Major Checklist before registering, and contact your advisor if you have questions.