What is a DBA?

  • The DBA is an innovative doctorate program whose curriculum and research requirements focus on applied management practice.
  • The DBA program involves two years of core coursework followed by completion of two elective courses and a one-year applied research project that addresses a complicated management issue or problem.
  • The DBA requires completion of 52 doctorate credits beyond an MBA or management-related Master’s degree. Doctorate-level credits will be earned in required areas such as Finance and Accounting, Management Information Systems, Management Thought, Project Design, Research Methods, Global Issues, Advanced Management Strategy and elective areas such as College Teaching, Professional Consulting, and Current Topics.
  • The planned DBA is a doctorate program of significant quality and value for professionals, with tuition anticipated to be less than that of other comparable doctorate programs.
  • How is a DBA different from a PhD?
(Doctor of Business Administration)
(Doctor of Philosophy)
  • Applies research and theories to actual business problems.
  • Operationalizes existing theory
  • Career goal is to maximize careers in business practice and teaching
  • Full or part-time program
  • Professional work experience is required
  • MBA (or equivalent) is required
  • Multidisciplinary within business administration fields
  • Research produces practical application in managerial settings
  • Research is original and aimed at developing new theories.
  • Builds on existing theory
  • Career goal is to prepare for academia and research.
  • Typically offered only full time
  • No professional work experience required
  • No master’s degree required
  • Single discipline based (e.g., management, finance, marketing, etc.)
  • Research produces contributions to methodologies in academia