The MIS Database Administration (DA) Certificate is an exciting certificate program that offers students not only an excellent education in this critical area of IT, but also provides a great head start toward moving into an MIS master's degree. The program was developed in consultation with the Metropolitan State MIS Advisory Committee (MISAC) and the Center for Strategic Information Technology and Security (AdvanceIT), a Metropolitan State University Center of Excellence. The Committee and the Center supported the curriculum development and design as being consistent with our vision for graduate education in Database Administration.

This program is designed to provide both strategic and operational expertise in the administration of database and related technologies, and to provide a strong background and ability to use databases and related systems in providing strategic advantage to modern firms. The DA Certificate program is designed based on a review of national standards for this area, including those from the Data Management Association International Foundation Committee on the Advancement of Data Management in Post Secondary Institutions, and the database administration components of the MSIS (Master of Science in Information Systems) 2006 standards developed in conjunction with the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery).

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