Human Resource Management (HRM) is a growing career field. Students who wish to work as HRM professionals are encouraged to major or minor in HRM. In addition, all managers and professionals in organizations benefit from an understanding of how to effectively utilize human capital. The Human Resource Management minor provides an understanding of HRM philosophy, trends, policies and practices to equip students in other majors with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective managers and leaders in business, public and nonprofit organizations. The HRM courses include both theory and practice and focus on the achievement of organizational objectives through effective management of human resources.

This minor is designed for students with majors in diverse areas. It will be relevant to students majoring in business administration, management, marketing, accounting, finance, MIS, and international business, as well as students in law enforcement, nursing, human services administration, nonprofit administration and other related fields.

This program can be completed on campus, online, or by combining on campus and online courses. Program requirements are the same, regardless of the delivery mode.

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