Supply Chain and Operations Management field is becoming increasingly important in organizations today.  More emphasis is being placed on relationships between organizations and their upstream suppliers and downstream distribution channels.  Supply chain management and operations management area is concerned with the flow of materials, information, and money between suppliers, producers and servicing organizations, and customers.  The procurement of goods and services, management of inventories, transportation to and from production and service facilities, distribution of goods and services, and information systems support are all key issues in supply chain and operations management. Also, organizations are increasingly seeking improvements in operations through many different initiatives, such as quality management, lean systems, and information systems implementation.  Possible career paths include positions in purchasing, transportation management, inventory management, forecasting, production planning and management, service management, distribution, and retail management.

This minor will provide students with the supply chain and operations management core concepts and skills that will add depth and breadth to students majoring in other disciplines.  Supply chain and operations management adds an additional skill set and knowledge base for those students with majors in the College of Management. For those with prior experience in the areas of supply chain and operations management, there exists a pathway to the minor based on certifications from professional organizations such as APICS (, ISM (, and CSCMP (  This is especially relevant for those choosing Individualized Majors. 

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