Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems, (MIS) is the intersection between business and technology.  As such, MIS focuses on solving business problems and creating new opportunities with technology. MIS is also often shortened to Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT). MIS professionals are business-oriented, technically proficient individuals who are found in every type of industry from health-care and banking to media and gaming, as well as in the high tech industry such as Microsoft and Medtronic.

How is MIS Different than computer science?

Computer science focuses on the technology itself and less on its business application. MIS professionals apply technology to business needs.

MIS and computer science courses may seem similar but there are major differences in their content and how they are taught. Computer science (CS) (occasionally termed Computer and Information Science – CIS) students take courses that will help them better understand technology, like math and physics classes. MIS students take courses that will help them understand business problems, like accounting and marketing. Neither one is better than the other – they’re just different.

What are the salary ranges for MIS professionals?

IT professionals are in high demand in Minnesota and the nation. Entry-level salaries for students with an undergraduate degree in MIS range between $50,000-$60,000. Learn more at

Metropolitan State University's MIS program

The MIS program at Metropolitan State is the leader in MIS education in the region, and is positioned to help prepare students for the future of Information Technology, (IT).  While many fields are having difficulties in the current economic environment, the future relating to using, developing, deploying and managing technology looks extremely bright. Not only are at least one third of current IT professionals planning to retire in the next ten years, the field has gone through a re-structuring the early part of this decade and is now poised to be one of the top growth areas for years to come.

Steve Creason is the interim director of the Graduate MIS programs.  He has watched the field of information systems, IT (information technology) and MIS (management information systems) evolve and change radically in the last twenty-five years.  It has evolved from a back-office function, charged with simply processing high numbers of transactions as quickly and cheaply as possible, to a strategic factor in the success of nearly every organization.  "We are pleased to have been able to not only reflect the many changes in the needs for educating IT professionals in our MIS program curriculum, but have in many ways been able to be ahead of the changes, so that our students complete the program at the cutting edge of their field.

The MIS program is a comprehensive IT program operating in the region, nationally and internationally.  Included in the programs are Bachelors, Masters and Certificate programs, along with careful integration of programs with two year institutions like Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), St. Cloud Technical College and Inver Hill Community College.  The program recognizes the need in all organizations for MIS/IT people with strong skills not only in technology, but in the communications and management functions that go along with being successful in technology.  The MIS program has also been fully involved in the creation of AdvanceIT housed at Metropolitan State.  

The Graduate Program contains the current Masters in MIS (MMIS) program, and Graduate Certificates in IT Management, and Systems Analysis and Design.  The program includes a number of relevant graduate certificates in areas such as Information Assurance and Security, Business Analytics and Database Management and Administration.  The certificate program prepares students for IT management and for management of organizations that have IT and technology as key elements of their strategic plans. Each certificate is uniquely designed to provide IT professionals educational updates to their careers and can be used as a pathway toward the Masters in Management Information Systems.

The undergraduate MIS program is a Bachelor of Science program that prepares students for a variety of positions in IT and general organizations including systems analyst, business analyst, technology and product management, technical project management and many more.  Some of the unique features of the Metropolitan State University MIS degree include our partnership with SAP and being recognized as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Education.

Our program emphasizes the importance of MIS Faculty working in the field.  All faculty who teach in the program have strong practical as well as academic credentials and experience. 

Meet the faculty

Steve Creason

Professor Steve Creason, is a former technical architect from Accenture. He has been actively involved in the Security and Information Assurance program and in business architecture. Professor Creason is a consultant business strategy, operations and technical and enterprise architecture. He has also been actively pursuing regional and international contacts for the program. 

David Bahn

Professor David Bahn received his Ph.D. in Information and Decision Sciences from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management and an MBA from New York University.  Dr. Bahn currently leads the academic initiatives with ERP software has also taught online extensively, pioneering pioneered new methods for online education - as well as conducting training on how to design E-learning. 

A former systems analyst, Dr. Bahn is a consultant on IT strategy and operations for business and government organizations.  Dr. Bahn’s research has investigated how to achieve more effective communication between users and software designers.  He has also written on “Clicks and Mortar” business strategy: how firms balance the imperatives of operating “brick and mortar” business operations with electronic commerce channels.   

Simon Jin

Dr. Simon Sung Jin joined Metropolitan State University in 2015. He earned his doctorate degree in MIS from the SUNY at Buffalo, and MS degrees from Korea University and the SUNY at Buffalo. He has a strong background in analytics and database areas and is actively working on enhancing MIS offerings in those disciplines. Dr. Jin’s research interests are in the field of Information Privacy, Business Analytics, and IT innovation Adoption & Implementation. Recently, his interests have merged to information privacy issues in the context of social media focusing on privacy concerns. Dr. Jin’s academic works have been published in a number of national and international journals, book chapters. Also, he is the recipient of several grants from the University as well as external agencies, including National Research Foundation of Korea, and the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy of Korea.

These are also reasons why an MIS degree at Metropolitan State University is a highly sought after professional degree that will be very valuable to you for many years to come.  The MIS program prepares you not only to be a leader today, but also shows you how to stay ahead and be a leader for the future.  

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