The Professional Science Master's in Computer Science (PSM-CS) provides advanced training in computer science and other essential skills for computer professionals such as communication, project management and team management. The program is primarily aimed at working adult students in the Twin Cities area. The program prepares the students for the workplace and not for doctoral studies.

To suit student demands, the program offers the choice of evening and online classes. Although many students will come with a bachelor's in computer science from a US university, the admission requirements also take into account some variations in student background as would be the case with immigrant students with a degree from a foreign university. Graduates from the program will take classes in distributed systems, computer security and software development, which are specializations in high demand. In addition to acquiring a strong computer science background, the program's graduates will also take classes in writing, team and project management, decision making, and related topics. The learning opportunities offered in the program may be divided into three categories:

  1. Graduate-level classes in several key areas in computer science, the major ones being distributed systems, computer security and data management/software engineering. Other courses deal with topics such as software design, operating systems and computer-human interaction.

  2. Graduate-level courses in writing, team and project management, decision making, and related topics.

  3. An internship to work on an appropriate project as approved by a committee/advisor. Internships should involve at least 300 hours of work, of which at least 250 hours must be spent on highly technical activities involving design or implementation or both. The level and quality of the work must be appropriate for a professional with a master's degree in computer science.

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Applicants may call Dr. Jigang Liu, Director of the Computer Science Graduate Program, at 651-793-1472 or e-mail him with questions at