Mathematics plays an important role in the modern world: logical reasoning is crucial in everyday life, calculus-based mathematics lays the foundation for natural sciences and engineering, and probability and statistics provide insightful understanding of data and trend. Metropolitan State's Applied Math minor offers opportunities for students to gain the ability to utilize mathematics at a high level. Students are required to complete the calculus sequence and two elective courses from a broad range of course offerings in mathematics and statistics. The Mathematics Department offers a solid, flexible and innovative curriculum in applied mathematics. Through the opening of bridges to other disciplines and a focus on topics and problems cutting across various subject fields, the mathematics minor integrates both depth and breadth, providing the student with tools for success in the workforce and in their respective fields of study.



Study within the field of applied math develops skills such as:

  • Use of calculus-based mathematics
  • Use of computing technology in applied math
  • Advanced mathematical modeling
  • Analysis of data and trend
  • Logical thinking

Complementary Majors

A minor in applied math is particularly appropriate for students in programs such as:

  • Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Finance