Biology is the study of life, from the simplest cells to the most complex ecosystems. Students studying biology develop an understanding of their own lives and an appreciation of their connection to the natural world. Metropolitan State University offers two degrees in biology, a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts. The biology degrees provide students with scientific knowledge, laboratory skills, research experience, and intellectual training in analytical and quantitative reasoning.


Biologists find employment in a wide range of fields, including health care, food, pharmacology, agriculture, public health, biotechnology, and natural resource management. Many biology graduates continue on to professional and graduate programs in health care, research and education.

Bachelor of Science in Biology Program

The bachelor of science in biology offers students a comprehensive introduction to the biological sciences with a strong foundation in mathematics and the physical sciences, followed by advanced study in at least one area of student interest. Students earning the Bachelor of Science in Biology are encouraged to include a minor in chemistry, physics or applied mathematics in their program of study.