Do you want to work on the next breakthrough antibiotic?  How about developing the next generation biodegradable plastics?  Determine the level of pollutants in our area waterways?  Successfully defend intellectual property rights for a new invention—or start a new nutraceutical business?  A degree in chemistry can lead you to careers in the area’s Fortune 500 companies, including pharmaceutical, polymer and adhesive industries. 

Where can a degree in Chemistry lead you?

A chemistry degree is an excellent preparation for research in graduate school as well as professional programs like medical, veterinary, dental, or pharmacy schools.  The skills you will acquire with a chemistry degree are in demand for positions of environmental assessment, quality assurance, and forensics.  Couple a chemistry degree with coursework in business, law, marketing, or art to create a unique skill set attractive to area employers. 

Skill building through intensive hands-on laboratory experiences and research

A chemistry degree at Metropolitan State University develops strong problem-solving skills with a solid foundation in mathematics and physics as well as the liberal arts. Our students have an intensive hands-on laboratory experience in the new Science Education Center, equipped with new instruments including GC/MS, FTIR, NMR, fluorimeter, and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.  Our students have the opportunity to conduct research with Metropolitan State University faculty in our new facilities.