Information and Computer Sciences are relatively young, but rapidly growing, areas. Applications from these disciplines now pervade almost every field. For example, the field of data science requires the creation of sophisticated algorithms and databases to store and manage large quantities of information, and computer forensic techniques are often applied to help resolve criminal and civil cases. 

Recognizing the growing application of the field, the Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) offers courses and programs in a variety of topics ranging from the very applied (such as web server design and implementation) to the highly theoretical, such as algorithms. There is a course or a program that should be of relevance to anyone who is interested in the field.

The department offers undergraduate majors in Computer Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Forensics, a master's in Computer Science, and minor and certificate programs in Computer Forensics and Cybersecurity.

  • Computer Application Development (BAS)
    • The BAS program in Computer Application Development provides the conceptual and practical knowledge that a student needs to become an application designer and implementer (i.e., application programmer).
  • Computer Information Technology (CIT)
    • This Bachelor of Science degree is for students who seek to become developers, designers, or information technology specialists who can deploy appropriate technology to solve problems in businesses and organizations.
  • Computer Science (CS)
    • The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares students for high-tech positions in a variety of fields.
    • The graduate program, leading to the master's degree in Computer Science, focuses on distributed systems and computer security.
  • Computer Forensics (CF)
    • The Bachelor of Applied Science in is an attractive option for the more applied student who seeks to gain knowledge of information assurance, computer incident investigation, cyberspace ethics, and computer laws.
    • Other options in the area of Computer Forensics is the Computer Forensics minor and certificate program.
  • Cybersecurity
    • The minor and certificate are attractive options for students with majors or degrees in computing or related disciplines who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of cybersecurity.

The department offers the following graduate programs in Computer Science:

  • Computer Sciences (PSM)
    • The Professional Science Master's in Computer Science (PSM-CS) provides advanced training in computer science and other essential skills for computer professionals such as communication, project management, and team management. The program is primarily aimed at working adult students in the Twin Cities area.
  • Computer Sciences (MS)
    • The MS in Computer Science is a technically rich program primarily aimed at working adult students in the Twin Cities area. To suit student demands, the program offers the choice of evening and online classes.

Graduates of our programs are prepared to enter the job market and to teach themselves new paradigms and techniques that will evolve during their careers.

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