The ICS department has the equipment to support all of its coursework, from introductory classes to graduate studies in Computer Science. All classrooms are equipped with teaching tools such as a computer, audio, video, and projection equipment.

Our labs on the university's campuses are operated by the Information Technology division. The computing facilities and tools available to students in the Department of Information and Computer Science include:

  • 41 personal computer systems each equipped with VM software running Solaris, two versions of Windows, and two versions of Linux. These are usually used in Computer Forensics and Computer Security classes.
  • A Linux server
  • Specialized software such as FTK, Encase, and Parabon used for computer forensics analysis
  • Hardware kits, etc.

The library at Metropolitan State University has a good collection of Computer Science texts and access to the ACM Digital Library. The library also supports an inter-library loan of books, articles and other media.