Students seeking basic computer literacy or exposure to microcomputer software may register for the introductory courses offered by the Information and Computer Sciences Department. ICS 100 Computer Literacy is designed for students who have little or no knowledge of computer technology and applications. An overview of computer hardware, software and applications throughout society forms the core of the course. Students who want hands-on experience with software should consider taking ICS 120 Microcomputer Applications in addition to ICS 100. ICS 120 is a hands-on course, which covers how and when to use the four common components of an integrated software package: word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation software. ICS 125 Understanding and Using the Internet is designed for students who have little or no exposure to the Internet and would like an overview of terminology and concepts, as well as the skills required to use the Internet effectively. Noncredit workshops are also available through the Information Technology Computer Labs to help students gain exposure to microcomputer software.

For those students who would like to explore the impact of computers on society and the moral and ethical dilemmas which result from a rapidly expanding field, ICS 381 Societal Issues in Computing and ICS 390 Future Trends for Computers and Technology offer in-depth analyses of current and future issues in computing. These writing-intensive courses are appropriate for those with little technical background, as well as students majoring in computer information systems or computer science.