Do you have an insatiable curiosity to learn how and why natural things work the way they do? When you picture your future, do you envision yourself: conducting scientific research in a lab, working to conserve and manage the natural environment, making a difference in the biomedical or med tech fields, designing and producing a new drug or material, or tending to patients in a healthcare graduate career?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it sounds like one of the below listed programs at Metropolitan State University will be a great fit for you. Course choices within the degree plans allow you to strengthen your knowledge in the various sub disciplines: environment and natural resources, ecology, cell and molecular, and organismal biology; inorganic, organic, analytical, biochemical and physical fields of chemistry; or teaching life sciences for middle or high school.

A major within these programs can also serve as a path to further self-discovery. Whether you are seeking an education with the foundational skills for your dream job or a stepping stone to pursue a masters or Ph.D., the science faculty at Metropolitan State will help you achieve your goals. A scientific minor represents learning that complements other programs to enhance or foster a unique and marketable skill set.

Small class sizes, a brand new Science Education Center with lots of new equipment, and an amazing faculty of educators improves the chance that you as our alumni will go on to an exciting career, or maybe attend one of the nation's prestigious Universities for graduate or professional school training.

The following programs prepare students for both careers that depend on science knowledge, and living and working in a world where science informs both public and private discourse.

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