Are you a high school teacher who teaches classes for college credit? Are you an adjunct faculty member teaching outside your area of expertise? Explore how Metropolitan State College of Sciences can assist you in improving your credentials.

Find out how you can meet the Higher Leaning Commission (HLC) Criteria for Accreditation and Assumed Practices in Biology or Mathematics.

Metropolitan State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Committed to effective teaching and learning

Let the College of Sciences bridge the gap. Enroll in Metropolitan State's graduate-level courses to satisfy requirements for college teaching credentials. Review the course offerings and qualifications for admission into our graduate-level credit courses.

Graduate-level course offerings in College of Sciences

The Mathematics' Department offers one of three graduate courses every semester.

  • MATH 605 Analysis and Fractals
  • MATH 615 Advance Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 620 Stochastic Processes

Current offerings can be found on our Class Schedule.

The Natural Sciences Department offers one of four graduate courses every semester and will launch their Masters of Science in Biology program in 2018.

  • BIOL 511G Freshwater Ecology and Quality
  • BIOL 512G Insect Ecology and Management
  • BIOL 513G Wetland Ecology 
  • BIOL 514G Forest Ecology

Current offerings can be found on our Class Schedule.

Attaining Academic Quality Standards Next Steps

Our goal is student success and academic excellence and we invite you to explore the next steps in attaining your goals: