Address Requirements

It is very important that the home address we have on file for you is current. The Hope and Lifelong Learning tax forms are mailed to that address as are your refunds and financial aid if you have chosen to receive them via check. You may update your address online or through the Registrar's Office with proper identification. Checks returned by the post office will be mailed to you once the university receives an updated address for you.


You can check your account balance at any time once you have logged in at the Metropolitan State University eServices portal. You will need your student I.D. number and your PIN. For more information visit Online Billing Statement web page.

Invoice/Tuition Statements Are Not Mailed

Tuition statements/invoices are not mailed. Students are responsible for viewing balance online and are expected to pay tuition and fees in full by the tuition due date. A reminder of upcoming tuition payment deadlines will be sent to all registered students who have active NetDirect accounts.

Email Updates

Tuition payment deadline reminders and informational announcements are sent to the student's university email address. To set/access your student email for the first time, please click here.

Telephone Information

For questions about any payment posted to your student account, please call the Cashier at 651-793-1878. For questions about charges posted to your student account, please call Accounts Receivable at 651-793-1881.

Failure to Pay Financial Obligations

A student who fails to meet financial obligations will not be eligible to register for future semesters. Degrees, official transcripts, and certifications will be withheld until all financial obligations are met.

Student with Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plan

Students who enroll in the Nelnet/FACTS payment plan by the tuition payment deadline will not be dropped from their classes. Students with Nelnet/FACTS Tuition Payment plans who have been making payments for the current semester on time without any non-sufficient fund (NSF) transactions will be allowed to register for the next semester courses. For more information about the Nelnet/FACTS payment plan, students may call 651-793-1881.

Access to Student Information

An AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE STUDENT INFORMATION form must be signed by a student if parents, spouses, relatives, and friends are permitted to receive student's account information, or they are allowed to register or drop courses for the student. This form can be found at Registrar forms section and should be sent to the Registrar's Office.

For more information on tuition and payments, please contact Financial Management by phone 651-793-1880 or email

Metropolitan State University is a member of the Minnesota State system and complies with Minnesota State's tuition policies and procedures. The following tuition information will enhance your ability to move through administrative activities quickly so that you can focus on your education.

Your account must be paid in full by the tuition payment deadline to prevent registration cancellation of your classes for non-payment. Deferments are granted automatically to students who:

  • Have submitted a financial aid application. Check your financial aid status.
  • Have an official 3rd party authorization which has been processed by Financial Management. You can see this as a transfer of charges on your online student account.
  • Have a Nelnet/FACTS payment plan covering their full balance in place.

NOTE: Students should not rely on the registration cancellation process to remove them from any class they do not intend to attend. Students are liable for charges sustained from any classes not officially dropped. See for more information.

For more information on tuition and payments, contact Financial Management by phone 651-793-1880 or email