Fees Details

Student Life/Activity Fee: The student life activity fee is assessed to all students. The amount of this fee is determined by a student committee. These funds are distributed to student organizations, such as the Student Senate, student organizations, The Metropolitan, and the Student Life and Leadership Development Office. There is a student life activity fee per credit hour.

Technology Fee: The technology fee, assessed to all students, is used to support student computer labs and other technology that directly relates to instruction. There is a fee per credit hours.

MSUSA Fee: The Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) fee, assessed to all students, is determined by the MSUSA Minnesota State College and University System Board of Trustees. Funds are used by the MSUSA statewide, for activities representing students. There is a MSUSA fee per credit hour.

Other Fees

Application Fee: A one-time non refundable fee is payable upon application.

Graduation Fee: There is a charge for each degree, diploma or certificate application processed, payable when applying to graduate.

Orientation Fee: There is a non refundable fee for new student orientation.

Transcript Fee: There is a charge for each academic transcript requested for mailing or pickup within three business days. An additional fee is charged for rush/immediate transcript preparation.

Books and Supplies: Textbooks and supplies are available in the Metropolitan State University Bookstore. Generally textbooks cost approximately $350 per semester for fulltime students. Supply costs vary greatly from program to program. Contact the Bookstore for additional information.

Senior Citizens: Students 62 years or older who register on or after the first day of the semester, are eligible for Metropolitan State's reduced senior citizen rate, if space is available. Senior citizens who register before the first day of the semester must pay full tuition and fees.

Non sufficient Funds Fee: When checks are returned to the university due to non sufficient funds (NSF), account closed or a stopped payment, a fee is assessed for each check. This applies to all checks payable to the university.

Personal Property Fee: With the approval of the Minnesota State College and University Board of Trustees, Metropolitan State may impose special fees to cover supply costs, field trip expenses, loss of or breakage to university property or private music instruction. Fees are established before the semester registration period and are printed in the Class Schedule. Overdue Library Materials Fee: Students who fail to return materials will be charged an overdue library fine. Parking and Security Fee: Fees collected will pay for parking lot security and parking lot maintenance.