Information for the HOPE Scholarship (1098-T) is mailed to all students at the end of January. Please make sure Metropolitan State University has your correct address by December 15th of each calendar year.

If you have any questions about taxes or your tuition statement, please refer to Minnesota State's Student Tax Information resource.

You may also obtain your account information online or by:

  • Using your student NetDirect account,e-mail your name, SSN, address, phone number and the year(s) for which the 1098-T is needed to Financial Management at
  • Come to Metropolitan State University, Founders Hall, third floor, cashier's office with a current driver's license

Please allow up to one week for requests to be processed.

If you have attended any other Minnesota State institutions, all of the institutions will be combined on the 1098-T form.

The amounts listed are per calendar year only.

Financial Management cannot provide any tax advice. If you have questions regarding the tax credit, please consult a tax specialist.

The federal government also provides information on tax benefits for education at

For more information on tuition and payments, please contact Financial Management by phone 651-793-1880 or email