Insurance Eligibility

Community faculty members may only teach up to 10 credits per academic year (summer excluded) and thus alone they are not eligible for benefits. However, if a community faculty member teaches concurrently at another Minnesota State institution as well, they may be eligible for benefits if employed on the basis of at least 50% of a full-time work assignment (24 credits). The community faculty member must notify human resources if they want to participate in benefits and they meet the parameter requirements.

  • Eligible for Full Employer Contribution toward Insurance: Faculty members appointed for at least 75% (.75 or greater FTE) of a full-time load are eligible for the full employer contribution toward the cost of single coverage and pay a portion of the premium for dependent coverage
  • Eligible for Partial Employer Contribution toward Insurance: Faculty employed for at least 50% (.50 to .74 FTE) time but less than 75% time for 9 months or more are eligible for a partial employer contribution equal to 75 percent of the full employer contribution toward health, dental and basic life insurance.


Community faculty employees who’ve reached the minimum .25 FTE threshold must participate on a pre-tax basis in the Minnesota State System Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (IRAP) or in the Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) defined benefit plan. Community faculty who are covered by a State of Minnesota retirement plan due to concurrent employment at another Minnesota State college or university or by a state agency will have their entire community faculty earnings subject to retirement, regardless of the number of credits taught. Detailed information is sent directly to faculty who qualify for participation in the retirement program.

Other Pre-Tax Benefits

Employees may, at their own expense, participate in 403B tax sheltered annuities and/or in a 457 deferred compensation program. View Voluntary Requirement Programs for additional information.

Paid Leaves

  • Sick leave- Employees earn sick leave based on the number of credits they teach. For example, for a 4 credit course, 1.5 days of sick leave are accrued. If it is necessary to be absent from a class due to illness, the employee should notify the dean's office and request to use sick leave. Sick leave may be used in half-day increments.

Tuition Waiver

Community faculty who teach four or more credits are eligible for the tuition waiver benefit. This benefit can also be used by the faculty member's spouse or dependent(s). The waiver may be used at any one of the Minnesota State four-year universities. Credits do not carryover from one year to the next. Questions regarding the tuition waiver benefit should be directed to Nancy Moritz at 651-793-1277 or

Professional Development Funds

Community faculty members who teach at least one 3 credit course in a year and are not covered by another bargaining unit in Minnesota State or at a state agency may apply for professional development grant. Applications are reviewed in September and January. Contact your college or department for application information and deadlines.

Social Security (FICA) and Medicare

Employees contribute 7.65% and the university matches that amount.

Workshops and Conferences

Minnesota State and Metropolitan State University offer a wide range of workshops and conferences for faculty participation. View the Center for Faculty Development website for upcoming events and announcements.

Employee Self Service

For access to your W-2, to change your withholding, or direct deposit and other payroll-related information, go to You need your payroll ID to log in. If you have forgotten your password, you can generate a new one.


All community faculty have a university email account to be used for communicating with students and others at the university. It may be used for personal business as well.

Internet Access and Personal Web Space

Community faculty can have free remote access and web space. If you have any questions, contact the IT desk at 651-793-1240 or