Staff members (Classified Employees) are any employees covered by the following bargaining contracts: AFSCME, MAPE, and Commissioner's Plan and supervisors are covered by the MMA contract.

Insurance Eligibility

Insurance eligibility varies between each contract. Visit Minnesota Management and Budget's web site to view each contract.


Classified employees are automatically enrolled in the Minnesota State Retirement System, which is a defined benefit plan. In this plan, employees contributes 4.75% and the employer contribute 4.75%.

Other Pre-tax Benefits

Employees seeking other tax advantaged vehicles have the option to participate in either a 403(b) tax sheltered annuity program and/or in a 457 deferred compensation program. Both provide a choice of investments for retirement savings. For more information about these, please visit:

Paid Leaves

  • Sick leave- Classified employees are eligible for paid sick leave, depending on the contract.
  • Vacation leave-Classified employees are eligible for paid vacation time depending on the contract they are covered by.

Professional Development

Classified employees are eligible to participate in training and development opportunities offered through Minnesota State. To view opportunities available through Minnesota State. Computer training for employees who use State of Minnesota systems is available through the Minnesota Management and Budget Department.

Tuition Waiver

Staff members are also eligible to receive tuition waiver and tuition reimbursement. Full-time unlimited and seasonal, and part-time unlimited employees who have completed three consecutive years of service at a Minnesota State institution shall be entitled to enroll in up to 20 credit courses on a "space available" basis per year, without paying tuition. The employee's spouse or dependent children may share this tuition waiver not to exceed sixteen credits.

*This is only a summary and is subject to change pending state and federal legislation and changes in the negotiated agreements. For further information, faculty members and staff are encouraged to contact Human Resources at 651-793-1275 or send an email to