Metropolitan State University's Internship Program is housed in the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship which is a part of Academic Affairs. It is a centralized-decentralized academic internship program where the Institute's staff act as liaisons for the sites and university providing information to students and potential supervisors. Faculty liaisons in each academic discipline oversee the academic component of the internship.

Metropolitan State's internship program is designed to assist students and sites in developing practical, challenging and flexible opportunities in experiential learning which meet personal and/or professional goals. The program allows students to complete internships related to their major and minor as well as any field of interest through electives.

It is designed for maximum flexibility so that internships are meaningful for the student and of benefit to the participating businesses or organizations. The internship staff can answer questions and concerns at any point in the internship process. The Institute's phone number is 651-793-1285.

To read more about internships please visit the Academic Internship section.

For more information email student internships.

The Student Employment section is a cooperation of Human Resources, Financial Aid Office, Career Center, and Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship.