How Do I qualify?

All students seeking a work study or student employee position, are encouraged to complete and submit a FAFSA to determine if work study funds are available. Additional information is available on the Metropolitan State Financial Aid Office web site. Please note that all student employment opportunities cease upon graduation.

Metropolitan State Offers Three Student Employment Options:

Work-Study Student

Is a student, graduate or undergraduate, who is making satisfactory academic progress and is engaged in work that is supported through funding from a state or federally administered work-study financial aid program. Students need to have a completed FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid Office. More information is available at the Metropolitan State Financial Aid Office web site.

Student Worker

Is a graduate or undergraduate student who is making satisfactory academic progress and is paid on an hourly basis from funds other than work-study, normally out of a department budget. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits, depending on the job classification and pay level. Audit classes do not count for student employment eligibility.

Graduate Assistants

Is a graduate student who has been admitted to one of Metropolitan State University's graduate programs, and who is making satisfactory academic progress, and who has been hired to assist in teaching, research, administration or other professional activities which are related to or part of the student's graduate experience. A minimum enrollment of 6 graduate credits is required to be eligible for a Graduate Assistant position. 

Student Policies and Procedures

  1. Student Employment - Procedure 512

    This procedure is established to describe the process and documentation necessary for hiring, changing the rate of pay or pay level, and separating a student employee.

  2. Graduate Assistant Employment - Procedure 513

    The purpose of this regulation is to define Graduate Assistant employment and to describe the requirements and procedures for hiring and compensating them.