What it is: Research is any systematic investigation, inquiry, or analysis - such as scholarly or critical study or inquiry or scientific investigation, development, testing, or evaluation - designed to develop or contribute generalizable knowledge.

  • This includes activities that aim to test a hypothesis, discover or collate facts, principles, or effects, reach new conclusions, or reexamine information by the critical study of a subject or by a course of scientific inquiry.
  • It includes both original studies and replications of existing studies. Activities that meet this definition constitute research for purposes of human subject policies, whether or not they are considered research for other purposes.

What it isn't: If results are not disseminated (e.g., published, presented, or shared) externally (i.e., outside the Metropolitan State University campus), the term research is not intended to apply to the following:

  • Routine course, workshop, or curriculum development activities using accepted educational practices sponsored by Metropolitan State University, including evaluations to determine student or participant satisfaction, attitude change, or knowledge gained during the educational experience; or
  • Aid or services provided by professionals to their clients that are consistent with accepted and established practice, and intended only to meet the clients' own personal needs.

If results from these activities are disseminated externally, the activities constitute human subjects research and must receive HSRB approval.