Website Content Coordinators are individuals who have been trained in making content updates to Each has access to specified sections or pages owned by their functional area.  Currently, they have the capability to add, delete or modify text, links, and tables.  For changes such as creating new pages or adding photographs or other media, content coordinators enlist the assistance of the Web Team through the Web Request Form.


Content Coordinator

Administrative Affairs Pa Her, Web Request Form (Financial Aid)
Center for Faculty Development Blong Vang
Center for Online Learning Andrew Marz
College of Community Studies and Public Affairs

Joanna Moua

College of Individualized Studies   Lorri Skwira
College of Liberal Arts  
Pam Braun
College of Nursing and Health Sciences Kathryn Gilbert (coordinates and submits via Web Request Form)
College of Management Mary Maas
College of Sciences Barbara Savage
Creative Learning Strategies     Marcia Anderson
Enrollment Management  Heather Wuori, Diane DeRosier
Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office Web Request Form
Human Resources Michele Chilinski, Koua Yang
Information Technology Services Janelle Danforth and Web Team
Institute for Community Engagement Brian Higbee
Institutional Effectiveness Alice Moua
Library     Jennifer DeJonghe, Bee Xiong
President's Office Shelly Heller
Provost's Office Blong Vang
School of Urban Education    Lavina Wagner
Student Success and Dean of Students 
     Academic Advising Marisa Kelly
     American Indian Student Services Linda Martinez
     Associate Provost for Student Success        Blong Vang
     Behavioral Intervention Team Web Request Form
     Career Center Marisa Kelly
     Center for Academic Excellence   Blong Vang
     Center for Accessibility Resources

Web Request Form

     Chicano/Latino Student Services Linda Martinez
     Correctional Facility Student Services Web Request Form
     Counseling Services/Center  Jodee Fitzgerald, Web Request Form
     Dean of Students Web Request Form
     Gender and Sexuality Student Services Web Request Form
     Health and Wellness Services Jodee Fitzgerald
     International Students Linda Martinez
     Judicial Affairs   Web Request Form
     Multicultural Students Linda Martinez
     Pan-Asian Student Services Linda Martinez
     Placement & Testing Center Blong Vang
     Student Life and Leadership Development Web Request Form
     Student Parent Center Jodee Fitzgerald, Web Request Form
     Student Resources  Web Request Form
     TRIO Web Request Form
     Veteran and Military Student Services Linda Martinez
     Women’s Services

Web Request Form

University Advancement and Foundation Noriko Ramberg

Revised as 10/18/2017.