Welcome to Metropolitan State University, "Where Life and Learning Meet!"

Ginny ArthurIt is a great privilege to serve as President of this amazing University. Metropolitan State offers extraordinary programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels, with the proven capacity to bring positive and lasting change to students and their communities—as our 45,000+ alumni demonstrate every day! And, as a "first-generation" student myself, I identify deeply with the lifelong impact that an outstanding, engaged university education can make.

Metropolitan State's future is very exciting. We are building on our unique legacy of student-focused instruction, of serving those who have been under-served by traditional higher education, of flexibility and innovation, and of striving for inclusion and equity for all students, faculty, and staff—both within the University and throughout our communities.

I can clearly recall that, in my college experience, perhaps the best things that happened to me were my learning experiences OUTSIDE the classroom. That is why, when I became a college faculty member, I championed internships, study abroad, and classroom simulations, because I understood and believed in the power of experiential learning, which is part of Metropolitan State's DNA.

As you consider Metropolitan State University as the learning community where you can complete the degree you have started, I invite you to visit our Saint Paul campus and experience the facilities that can support your learning, such as our state-of-the-art Science Education Center and our 21st-century Library and Information Services center.

Even more important, check out our colleges and the challenging, rewarding programs they offer in the sciences, liberal arts, management, individualized studies, community studies and public affairs, nursing and health sciences, and urban education.

Come to a University that is comprehensive, public, urban, and diverse. Come to a University that, from its inception, has been innovative, non-traditional, flexible, and accessible—Metropolitan State. We have been democratizing higher education for over 45 years, as a University whose campus is its community. With more than 11,300 students, 184 full-time resident faculty, and over 700 community faculty—expert practitioners who teach what they excel at—we remain fully engaged in being part of the solutions our urban communities are seeking.

Come to a University without barriers that enables undergraduate and graduate degree attainment, helping non-traditional and post-traditional students realize their potential, grounded in the liberal arts and prepared for life, work, leadership, and citizenship.

Make Metropolitan State your destination!


Virginia Arthur
Metropolitan State University President

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Metropolitan State University
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Assistant to the President:
Shelly Heller