As a part of the Minnesota State system, Metropolitan State University receives funding via the legislative request submitted by Minnesota State. Minnesota State is the fifth largest system of colleges and universities in the nation, with 37 state colleges and universities across the state that serve as an essential resource to students, business and industry.

In addition to requesting its operating budget, Minnesota State is requesting $178 million in new funding for fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

FY2018-FY2019 Minnesota State Legislative Request

  • $178 million in new funding over the next biennium

  • $143 million to support and protect Minnesota State campuses, including Metropolitan State

  • $25 million for critical technology replacements impacting Metropolitan State

  • $10 million for student incentive grants


Impact of the Minnesota State Legislative Request on Metropolitan State

  • Metropolitan State will receive $6.2 million of the $143 million supporting and protecting campuses, and an estimated 1,018 students will be supported by the funding for incentive grants.

  • A fully funded request will allow us to:

    • Support more courses that students seek in high-demand fields, such as: cybersecurity, biology, finance, computer science, nursing, law enforcement and accounting. 
    • Expand online programs. 
    • Support the needed expansion of high-demand STEM programs, building on the opening of our Science Education Center.
  • A not fully funded request will:

    • Result in fewer sections of high-demand major courses, which could delay students’ graduation and increase student debt. 
    • Further delay filling critical faculty and advising positions, slowing students’ degree progress and increasing their debt load.

Learn more about the impact of the Minnesota State legislative request (.pdf) to Metropolitan State.

2017 Metropolitan State Capital Request

Should any portion of the Minnesota State capital request be funded, Metropolitan State is included for:

  • $700,000 in asset preservation (HEAPR) requested by MCTC, which will support HVAC and other upgrades in the MCTC building housing our entire College of Management, undergraduate and graduate programs.

Extraordinary Reasons to #FUNDMINNESOTASTATE and Metropolitan State

  • Metropolitan State is one of 37 state colleges and universities that are part of the Minnesota State system.

  • The colleges and universities that make up Minnesota State are home to 54 campuses, one of which belongs to Metropolitan State.

  • Minnesota State serves 396,000 students annually, and Metropolitan State serves 11,836 of those students.

  • Minnesota State serves more students of color, first-generation college students and low-income students, which includes 43% of Metropolitan State students who are students of color and 42% who are Pell eligible.

  • Metropolitan State partners with many businesses and organizations in an effort to make sure we offer the right programs in the right places, turning out the right number of graduates who are prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the jobs of the future.

  • Metropolitan State awards more than 2,150 degrees, diplomas and certificates annually. 

  • Metropolitan State provides highly-trained, diverse workers in a range of critical fields such as cyber-security, nursing (2nd largest Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Minnesota), accounting (largest program in Minnesota), technical writing (largest undergraduate and graduate programs in the nation), biology, management, computer science, law enforcement and criminal justice, social work, elementary education and chemistry.

  • Metropolitan State’s long-standing expertise in assessing prior learning and competency-based assessment, together with the Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies, assist hundreds of students annually in finishing the degrees they started elsewhere without costly rework. Metropolitan State is transfer-friendly.

  • Metropolitan State is the leading veteran-serving university in Minnesota; 9% of our students are veterans and others are active military or military family members. Metropolitan State is proud to be a Yellow Ribbon Company.

  • Metropolitan State serves transfer and graduate students at four main sites in the Twin Cities and delivers bachelor degree completion programs at multiple community colleges.

  • Metropolitan State provides degree programs online and was the “#1 Best Online College in Minnesota, 2015-2016” (Affordable Colleges Online).

  • Metropolitan State received the Campus of Integrity Award (2015) from the International Center for Academic Integrity.

  • Metropolitan State has been a National Security Agency “National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education” for 10 years.

See the Minnesota State Extraordinary Facts sheet (.pdf).

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