Current Status of Department Chairs FY18

 Department Chair Appointment Date Current  Term
College of Sciences  



Information and Computer Sciences Stein, Mike FY18 through FY20 2
Mathematics Weng, Ben FY16 through FY118 2
Natural Sciences Dimick Gray, Sarah (Sabbatical FY18)
Asplen, Mark, Interim FY18
FY17 through FY19 1

College of Liberal Arts

Communication, Writing and the Arts Sadler, Victoria FY17 through FY19 1
Social Science Filner, Matthew FY16 through FY18 2
History Grant, Jeanne FY16 through FY18 1
Literature and Languages Durant, Tammy FY18 through FY20 2
Ethnic and Religious Studies Desoto, Aureliano FY18 through FY20 2
Philosophy Atchison, Tom FY16 through FY18 2
College of Management  



Accounting Dosch, Jenny FY17 through FY19 1
Management, Entrepreneurship, HR Management (MEHR) Creason, Steve FY17 through FY19 1
Economics, Finance Lo, Ming FY17 through FY19 1
Management, Entrepreneurship, HR Management (MEHR) Borchert, Pat FY17 through FY19 1
Marketing, Supply Chain & Operations Mgmt,
International Business, Business Law
Nentl, Nancy FY17 through FY19 1
College of Community Studies & Public Affairs  



School of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Eckberg, Deb FY18 through FY20 1
Human Services Roberta, Gibbons FY16 through FY18 3
Psychology Stasson, Mark FY18 through FY20 1
Department of Public and Non-Profit Leadership Galope, Reynold FY18 through FY20 1
Social Work Davila-Williams, Sonia FY17 through FY19 2
College of Nursing & Health Sciences
School of Nursing Morrison, Leslie FY18 through FY20 1
Dental Hygiene Benson, Mary FY16 through FY18 1
School of Urban Education  



Education Fagundes, Rosa FY18 through FY20  2
College of Individualized Studies  



Individualized, Interdisciplinary and Life Long Learning
Tedder, Charles
FY16 through FY18 1
Library and Learning Services    
Library Services Sonsteby, Alec FY18 through FY20 1


Academic Deans/Chairs/Coordinators/Directors/Support Staff — FY18

College Name Phone #
College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Interim Dean, Craig Hansen
Office Manager Donna Colburn 651-793-1332
Communication, Writing and the Arts Victoria Sadler 651-999-1342
Keri Roeller 651-999-5965
  Lisa McMahon 651-999-5941
Ethnic and Religious Studies Aureliano DeSoto 651-793-1492
Susan Honsvall 651-793-1445
Gender Studies Tammy Durant 651-793-1430
Tabitha Hodhod 651-793-1441
History Jeanne Grant 612-793-1477
  Tabitha Hodhod 651-793-1441
Liberal Studies (Under Graduate) Shannon Skarphol Kaml 651-999-7261
  Lisa McMahon 651-999-5941
Liberal Studies (Graduate) Lawrence Moe 651-793-1429
  Tabitha Hodhod 651-793-1441
Literature and Languages Tammy Durant 651-793-1430
  Tabitha Hodhod 651-793-1441
Philosophy Thomas Atchison 651-793-1493
  Tabitha Hodhod 651-793-1441
Social Science

Matthew Filner

  Pam Braun 651-793-1471
Technical Communication (Grad) Victoria Sadler 651-999-5917
  Conor Ward 651-999-5958
College of Sciences (COS) Dean, Kyle Swanson
Office Manager Janice Kwallek 651-793-1742
Computer Forensics Jigang Liu 651-793-1472
Lucy Peterson 651-793-1471
Computer Sciences (Graduate) KuoDi Jian 651-793-1478
Lucy Peterson 651-793-1471
Information and Computer Sciences Mike Stein 651-793-1476
Lucy Peterson 651-793-1471
Mathematics Ben Weng 651-793-1496
Jenny Chelihi 651-793-1439
Natural Sciences Sarah Dimick Gray 651-793-1952
Jenny Chelihi 651-793-1439
College of Management (COM) Dean, Kat Lui 612-659-7293
Office Manager and
Dean Support
Cathy Johnson


Accounting Jennifer Dosch 612-659-7249
  Michelle Krone 612-659-7317
Doctor Business Administration Marcia Hagen 612-659-7236
  Michelle Krone 612-659-7252
MBA Duncan McCampbell 612-659-7241
  Michelle Krone 612-659-7252
Economics and Finance Ming Lo 612-659-7220
  Michelle Krone 612-659-7252
International Programs Director Carol Bormann Young 612-659-7287
Mark Newfield 651-659-7285
Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management Pat Borchert 612-659-7264
  Mark Newfield 612-659-7285
Management Information Systems (Grad) Steve Creasson 612-659-7289
  Michelle Krone 612-659-7252
Management Information Systems (Under Grad) Steve Creason 612-659-7289
  Michelle Krone 612-659-7252
Marketing , Supply Chain & Operations Mgmt, Business Law, International Business Nancy Nentl 612-659-7292
  Mark Newfield 612-659-7285
College of Individualized Studies Dean, Carl Polding 651-793-1417
Office Manager Lorri Skwira 651-793-1782
Individualized, Interdisciplinary and Life Long Learning Charles Tedder 651-793-1854
Jane Krueger 651-793-1783
College of Community Studies and Public Affairs (CSPA) Interim Dean, Frank Schweigert
Office Managers Natalie Bearth 763-657-3748
Human Services Therissa Libby 651-793-1501
  Erica Ballard-Wallace 651-793-1342
Psychology Mark Stasson 651-999-5830
  Michael Goggin 651-999-5821
Psychology (Grad) Mark Stasson 651-999-5830
  Michael Goggin 651-999-5821
Social Work Sonia Davila-Williams 651-793-1343
  Maria Lopez 651-793-1338
Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Deb Eckberg 763-657-3756
Cynthia Urista 763-657-3747
Criminal Justice (Graduate) Ann Cross 763-657-3759
Cynthia Urista 763-657-3747
Public and Non-Profit Leadership Reynold Galope 651-999-5852
Kristine Heilman 651-999-5854
College of Nursing & Health Sciences Interim Dean, Judith Graziano 651-793-1368
Office Manager Laurie Landwehr 651-793-1404
Nursing (Chair) Leslie Morrison 651-793-1396
Dental Hygiene (Chair) Mary Benson 651-793-1369
MANE BSN/RN-BSN Barbara Knudtson 651-793-1324
MANE Center Director Faye Uppman 651-793-1380
ELMSN Karen Gutierrez 651-793-1386
WebWOC Michelle Ullery 651-793-1638
Doctor or Nursing Practice (DNP) Michelle Ullery 651-793-1638
Simulation Learning Lab Kristina Matthews 651-793-1458
School of Urban Education Dean, Rene Antrop-Gonzalez 651-999-5959
Office Manager Lupe Sanchez 612-999-5924
Education Rosa Fagundes 612-999-5931
Library and Information Services Interim Dean, Craig Hansen  651-999-5957
Office Manager Amber Williams
Library Alec Sonsteby 651-793-1621
Center Directors    
Institute for Community Engagement, Learning and Scholarship Greg Mellas 651-793-1292
  Brian Higbee
Center for Online Learning Robert Bilyk 651-793-1660
  Andrew Marz 651-793-1650
Center for Faculty Development Julie Maxson 651-793-1456
  Blong Vang 651-793-1933
Advance IT Wilson Garland 612-659-7224
  Elise Hansen 612-659-7229