About the Student Senate

Metropolitan State University participates in a shared governance model, which means that student representation and voice are important components to decision-making. Student Senate and the Student Activity Fees Allocation Committee (SAFAC) are all-student governing bodies that allow for student representation and voice to be shared with Metropolitan State University staff and faculty, and ensure the proper distribution of the Student Activity Fee.

The Student Senate is an all-student governing body comprised of up to 20 dedicated student leaders who are focused on strengthening Metropolitan State University's commitment to being a student-centered creative enterprise. The Student Senate assists the University in its efforts to help students achieve academic excellence and be responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and culturally diverse world. The Student Senate provides a listening post and forum for student issues, concerns, and needs, and advocates for University accountability and responsiveness.

Student Senate meets every other week for two hours. Meetings are open for students, staff, faculty, and community members to submit agenda or discussion items and to attend. Any agenda items may be submitted to student.senate@metrostate.edu or student.life@metrostate.edu. Agenda items may include starting a new registered student organization, request for Student Senate collaboration or co-sponsorship of events, sharing concerns or questions to be addressed to the Metropolitan State University administration, or other student-centered issues. Agendas and meetings can be found on the Engage portal.

Undergraduate and graduate students may apply to become a Senator during Annual Elections in March/April or if there are vacant seats throughout the academic year. Student Senator applications and a full list of Student Senator eligibility requirements can be found via the Engage portal.

For questions about Student Senate, contact: student.senate@metrostate.edu or student.life@metrostate.edu or fill out our form.