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BOLO: Jermayl Dantzler

Posted Thursday, February 27, 2020 | Preventative Security Advisory

This notification is to serve as a BOLO—Be On the Look Out—for Jermayl Dantzler. Mr. Dantzler is a community member and has been involved in past and recent violations of our policies. Mr. Dantzler most recently was removed from St. John’s Hall earlier today. He is no longer on the campus but is a high risk for returning to campus.

Below is BOLO for Mr. Dantzler. If seen, please do not approach, contact 9-1-1 and campus security (651-793-1717, or 1717 from desk phone) immediately. We are working with the St. Paul Police Department on this case.

Images of Jermayl Dantzler
  • Name: Jermayl Dantzler
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 330
  • DOB: 09/2/1986
  • Actions: Violent Behavior, Destruction of property
  • Trespass: 1 Year
  • Summary: Jermayl Dantzler has a history of violent behavior against the community and aggressive actions towards staff and security.