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Follow-up on Carjacking and Mugging Near St. Paul Campus

Posted Tuesday, August 25, 2020 | Star Alert Safety Prevention

Earlier today, one of our university members was mugged and carjacked as you saw in the Star Alert sent out. I wanted to pass along more information and some preventative measures we all can take to reduce our risk and reduce the opportunity for crime.

First, I want to praise our university member as she did everything right during the situation. She immediately gave her possessions and keys to the criminals when demanded and was able to leave without any physical harm to herself or anyone around her. Again, the best thing to do is comply and survive as possessions can be replaced, people cannot.

Secondly, the university member ran to security to inform of the crime that had been committed. I want to thank the Security Team that responded and assisted with this situation.

What happened? The university member had just exited her vehicle that was parked on the city street near the corner of 6th and Maria. She began walking towards the university when the 2 assailants pulled up in their vehicle and demanded at gunpoint that she give up her possessions and keys. One of the assailants entered the university member’s vehicle and drove off towards 4th street away from campus. The other assailant followed in the other car.

The St. Paul Police Department was called and is investigating the incident. While there has been an increase in carjacking and muggings in St. Paul, we do not believe the assailants are around campus and do not believe they are likely to return to this area at this time.

While this particular crime could likely not have been prevented, here are some tips that we can all employ to try to decrease these types of crimes of opportunity:

  • Students – Parking is included as part of your fees and all students are encouraged to park in the ramp. This is the safest place to park on or near campus as we have security monitoring all cameras, security patrolling the area, and our Parking Coordinator located on the 1st floor of the Ramp Tower.
  • Employees – If you are paying for parking, you should also park in the parking ramp.
  • Cameras – The ramp is covered with many cameras and is access card monitored.
  • Security Safety Walks – If ever you feel uncomfortable, please contact security at 651-775-0444 (save this in your phone) and we will have an officer walk you to and from your vehicle.
  • Lighting – In the evenings, always try to walk where lighting is best.
  • Walk with others or a group. If classmates or others are not available, please feel free to contact security for an escort.
  • Try to stay aware of your surroundings and walk with a purpose while surveying your surroundings. Please refrain from using a cell phone or engaging in other distracting behaviors.