Federal and state laws regulate how employees and agents of Minnesota State handle data that they collect, create, receive or release in any tangible form. Data on individuals is classified into three levels of accessibility:

1. Confidential (the most restricted; not accessible to the subject of the data);

2. Private (accessible to the subject of the data and those who have a legitimate business necessity for the access); and

3. Public (accessible to anyone, no reason need be given).

Colleges and universities designate certain data as directory information that is public unless the student has chosen to keep this data private. Director information is not generally considered to be a violation of privacy. Following Minnesota State guidelines, Metropolitan State University has designated the following as directory information (public). Name, major field of study, dates of attendance and degrees received.

How does the Alumni Relations and Development Office use alumni information?

The Alumni Relations and Development Office follows Metropolitan State's data privacy policy. If anyone contacts our office to connect with a graduate, we take the inquirers name and phone number. This information is forwarded to the graduate, who chooses if they want to make the connection.

Addresses are used to send alumni newsletters, university updates and special event notification. To be taken off the mailing list, contact alumni relations at 651-793-1808 or email alumni.relations@metrostate.edu. Employee information is used when planning alumni corporate meetings.

Most data is used in statistical reports. For instance, the number of graduates living in Minnesota or in a particular legislative district. These numbers are valuable when meeting with legislators. The number of graduates from specific Metropolitan State colleges/school or with a particular major is tracked. This information assists Metropolitan State as we plan future programs and anticipate growth and budget needs.

How does the Foundation Office use alumni information?

The Alumni Association's mission statement says: "The Metropolitan State University Alumni Association engages the alumni to support the university's mission by serving as community ambassadors and partnering with the university in achieving common goals." As part of this mission, the Alumni Association Board supports fundraising efforts through the alumni Annual Fund drive.

The foundation contacts alumni to give them an opportunity to contribute through a mailing from the university or through phone calls made by alumni volunteers. If there are not enough volunteers, the Foundation may periodically supplement volunteers with paid callers. A graduate can request no fundraising contact by contacting alumni relations at 651-793-1808 or email alumni.relations@metrostate.edu.