Allen Bellas

I grew up in the Detroit area and I’m a terrible bike racer. My graduate school experience in Seattle was simultaneously the best of times and the worst of times, though mostly the latter. I have a small number of great friends. When I’m not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and bicycling.

What’s the best thing about teaching at Metropolitan State?

The students; they're the best. Being a bit older than students elsewhere, they bring more to class and make things more interesting.

Who or what inspires you?

The great people that I know and have known. I see what they've done and believe that I can nearly match their accomplishments.

What drew you to teaching in your field?

I accidentally overheard a few economics lectures one semester when I was an undergraduate and I was hooked. I think I was drawn to teaching because I didn't have many friends when I was little.

What’s your favorite moment from teaching at Metropolitan State?

My first year here I lectured about generalized least squares. The problem was I didn't really understand it. I told the class to take a break, during which time I quickly learned what the heck I was talking about. I don't know how I did it, but it was cool.

What have you learned from your students?

Everything. I never really learn anything until I have to teach it, so my students get credit for just about everything I know.

  • Favorite Twin Cities Hangout
    My couch, and (management professor) Marcia Hagen's office
  • Fun Fact
    Year-round bike commuter, down to about -10 Fahrenheit
  • Favorite Food
    The chocolate chip pancakes I make for my son nearly every morning

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