Faisal Kaleem

My name is Faisal Kaleem, I am an experienced lifelong cybersecurity educator, researcher and practitioner. My research interests include cybersecurity and digital forensics especially in the areas of computer and network security and mobile and medical-device security.

What’s the best thing about teaching at Metropolitan State University?

Engaging with and teaching a diverse group of students, including underserved communities, is probably the best thing about teaching at Metropolitan State.

Who or what inspires you?

To paraphrase Steve Jobs: The persons crazy enough to think they can change the world do. I want to play a crucial role in making a positive difference in the people around me (family, friends, colleagues and students) and others. That provides me with all kinds of inspiration. 

What drew you to teaching in your field?

The cybersecurity programs of U.S. organizations do not rival the persistence, tactical skills and technological prowess of their potential cyber adversaries.  As an educator, my goal is to help cultivate a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce capable of responding to the new and dynamic risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that our nation faces.

What is your teaching style?

Being in academia for 17 years, many diverse academic experiences shaped my teaching philosophy/style, which is quite simple: Teaching should be full of learning and learning should be fun and filled with enthusiasm. My teaching style blends traditional approaches with experiential learning activities and class discussions to make it fun. 

What’s your favorite moment from teaching at Metropolitan State?

It's providing students engaging activities involving cybersecurity concepts, so they can discover and unearth new information. Those moments of discovery are always my favorites. 

  • Years at Metro State
  • Department
    Information and Computer Sciences
  • Favorite Pastime
    Relaxing at home with my family
  • Favorite Food
    Chicken biryani (ethnic food from Pakistan)
  • Favorite Book or Writer(s)
    The Holy Quran

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