John King, alumni, answers questions about attending Metropolitan State and graduating with a B.A. in Professional Communications (organizational communications track). “It is hard to choose a single best learning moment.”

What did you like best about attending Metropolitan State?

During my time at Metropolitan State, what really stood out for me was the vast experience of the instructors. Many were able to foster great learning conversations. It was much better than having us just stare at a white board or textbooks.

What did you like best about your program?

The fact that the instructors made each student teach an area of the subject matter being discussed really appealed to me; it made the student be the expert in that area.

What are you doing now?

I am responsible for generating new business for our organization, as well as project management and project engineering. I am responsible for a multi-state territory along with five people in our office.   

How has getting a degree changed your life?

Getting a bachelor's degree has really opened up opportunities for me that I really didn't think were possible when I was younger. Having a higher education has helped my professional life in more ways that I ever dreamed.

What’s your favorite memory from attending Metropolitan State?

My favorite memory is really the people and the environment that I had the opportunity to enjoy at Metropolitan State.

  • Graduating Year
  • Majors And Minors
    B.A. in Professional Communications-Organizational Communications track
  • Employer
    Floyd Total Security

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