Photograph of Julie Thompson

What do you like best about working in the Center for Academic Excellence and Writing Center?
"My fellow and sister colleagues, including all of our peer, faculty, and graduate tutors. It's a pleasure to collaborate with such a dedicated, talented, and innovative staff."

Why do you enjoy your job at Metropolitan State?

I learn something new every day. I have the opportunity to facilitate student success every day. My role also enables me to be creative, innovative, and collaborative. I enjoy the people.

What is it about Metropolitan State that you find attractive?

The first factor that attracted me to Metropolitan State was its commitment to anti-racism. Social, economic, political, and other forms of justice are important to me, and I enjoy working in a context where my core values are reflected in the institution's mission and vision.

Who or what inspires you?

My maternal grandmother, Tillie Osterdyk.

What are your favorite books or who are your favorite writers?

Chang-Rae Lee's The Surrendered; Marlon James' The Book of Night Women; everything published by Margaret Atwood; Jane Lazarre's Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness; Adrienne Rich's The Dream of a Common Language; bell hooks' Where We Stand: Class Matters; Patricia Williams' The Alchemy of Race and Rights

What is one of your favorite moments from working at Metropolitan State, so far?

My public presentation for the CAE Directorship. Mid-presentation, I paused and said:

 "Suzanne? Is that you? You've grown your hair!"

The woman began laughing and said "Yes! I'm Suzanne [Nielsen, CAE Tutor Coordinator and Trainer]. You've grown your hair too!" 

My hair was shaved to ½" long at the time.

  • Years at Metro State
    1 year
  • Department
    Center for Academic Excellence and the Writing Center
  • Favorite Food
    Hotdish. I'm native Minnesotan. That said, lasagna is actually my favorite food—but I consider it a hotdish.
  • Favorite Movie
    Director Richard Linklater's "Waking Life"

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