Photograph of Lisa Ghylin

My name is Lisa Ghylin, I recently graduated with a Master of Science in Technical Communications degree from Metropolitan State.

What brought you to Metropolitan State (something that encouraged you to enroll at the university)?

I was looking for a university that was veteran-friendly and would take my previously earned credits. It was a bonus it had an Individualized Degree program.

What do you like best about attending Metropolitan State?

The friendliness of Bruce Holzschuh in the Veterans Service Center. He and (his colleague) Julie Olson were pivotal in my decision to stay. Julie was amazing in aligning the GI Bill's® requirements with my educational needs.

I found out who I am at Metropolitan State. It took me a while to readjust to life after coming home from active duty. But mostly with help from the people I met and interacted with at Metro, I figured it out. The professors were great, but I think I learned more from out-of-classroom interaction with faculty, staff and students.

What do you like best about your program?

The relevance to the field. I love the practical classes that allow me to bring in my work experience. It makes being in the classroom much more fun. Especially knowing my fellow students are in the same program.

What are you doing now? (Explain activities in a typical day)

I work on a small team conducting internal communications in a software development company. On a typical day, I'm writing or editing employee stories, working on company-wide emails, managing global programs and content for those programs, as well as assisting my team with their programs.

How has going to college changed your life?

I found my perfect career, one which I never would have dreamed of. I also found a passion for continuing to serve my fellow veterans and those still serving.

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    Masters of Science in Technical Communications