Faculty of Color Mentorship Program

A collection of five photographs of people of color on Metropolitan State's campus.

The Faculty of Color Mentorship Program’s mission is to provide structural support to faculty of color at all levels of career development, from onboarding to post-tenure, with specific attention to address their unmet needs through multi-faceted and cross-race/ethnicity mentoring.


To retain and recruit faculty of color in order to enhance university-wide commitment towards serving the needs of community of color, recent immigrant and diverse communities.


  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Advocacy
  • Support
  • Intervention
  • Innovation
  • Truthful and Just


  • Implement an onboarding process which is inclusive and comprehensive for faculty of color
  • Identify and train tenured faculty of color to serve as mentors for probationary faculty
  • Develop cross-race/ethnicity strategies for continuing support to faculty for their professional development from onboarding to retirement.

Program focus

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Interdepartmental mentoring
  • Group mentoring with organized programs and social activities
  • Training for mentors and administrators
  • Year-end assessments
  • Culturally relevant resources

Benefits of the program

  • Cross-race/ethnicity mentoring
  • Resources for professional development including scholarship and teaching skills oriented towards faculty of color
  • Strategic networking with peers, professional organizations, and communities of shared interests
  • Network of support on campus and system wide promoting collaboration and advocacy on relevant issues
  • Developing leadership skills