Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to pay for parking?

The Minnesota Legislature and the Minnesota State Board of Trustees established policies stating all users of parking facilities at Minnesota State system must pay a fee for parking. The parking fee must cover all costs associated with the parking operations of the University. The parking fee at Metropolitan State covers costs associated with parking services. Including operational costs, utilities, electronic system maintenance, ramp repairs, driveway and walkway maintenance, etc.

Does everyone pay the same amount?

Parking fees were established according to State of Minnesota law and Minnesota State Board Policy. Student and community faculty per credit hour fees were established so that full-time students and full-time employees who park on campus pay a similar rate.

Is there a reduced rate for car pools?

There are no reduced rates for carpooling because the parking fee is assessed per individual.

What is "contract" parking?

"Contract" parking means your Metropolitan State ID card will allow you access to parking. Students who have an active Student ID card issued by Metropolitan State University are considered to be in "contract" parking.

Employees (Resident Faculty and staff) enrolled in payroll deduction or semester payments are also considered to be in "contract" parking.

Where do I get a Metropolitan State ID card?

Student and employee ID cards can be made on the Saint Paul Campus at the Library and Learning Center or in the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

For the Saint Paul Campus ramp, will I be charged an additional fee if I come to campus, leave and come back again on the same day?
No, not if you are a contract parker. The Metropolitan State ID card allows you to enter and exit the parking lot as many times as you need to in a single day for no additional charge.

If you are not a contract parker and do not have a Metropolitan State ID card, you will need to pay the $5 daily rate each time you exit the ramp.

Can I park anywhere in the Saint Paul Campus ramp?
Students and employees can park in any unrestricted or undesignated parking area in the ramp. A state-issued handicap permit is required for all spaces marked for handicap parking only. There can be no parking in fire lanes, blocking building entrances or sidewalks/crosswalks. Citations will be issued for parking violations.


What is the parking rate for visitors?
$5.00 per day. This fee does not allow free re-entry on the same day; if you leave and return the same day, you will be required to pay another $5.00.


How much does it cost to park if I lose my parking access ticket that I got at the gate when I entered the parking ramp?