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What you need to know:

  • Request electronic copies of your transcripts from other institutions whenever possible. Paper transcripts require longer processing times.
  • We require all official transcripts from post-secondary institutions you’ve attended to obtain admission.
    • All applicants, including previous students and graduates of Metropolitan State University, are required to provide all official transcripts, including any graduate or professional studies (with the exception of eTranscripts as explained below).
  • For degree-seeking graduate applicants, official transcripts must be submitted in the appropriate CAS website for your specific program.

Failure to provide official transcripts is sufficient grounds to cancel your application and deny admission.

An official transcript is a transcript that typically bears the signature of the registrar and the official institution seal, and is sent directly from the issuing institution.

If you have attended an institution within the Minnesota State system, Metropolitan State can usually pull your transcript with eTranscript.

  • Application required: Admissions staff may not view your transcripts until we receive your application.
  • Success rate: We are able to pull eTranscripts successfully for about 95 percent of applicants. If we cannot, we will notify you so that you can request that an official transcript is sent to Metropolitan State.
  • Academic reporting: Report all post-secondary institutions attended. Complete reporting assists admissions staff in pulling transcripts using eTranscript.

Please visit the Veterans resource referral page to learn how to request official transcripts, including Joint Service Transcripts (JST).

If you have taken any of the following, be sure to submit an official transcript to Admissions for review as we want to ensure you receive college credit for all your prior learning:

  1. Advanced Placement (AP)
  2. College in the Schools (CIS)
  3. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  4. International Baccalaureate (IB)
  5. Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)
  6. World Language Proficiency (Platinum or Gold Seal)

Students applying with fewer than 16 transferable post-secondary credits will need to provide an official transcript from their high school.

Important: If applying prior to graduation, you must also arrange to have an official, final high school transcript showing your date of graduation sent to the university once you have graduated.

Foreign high school transcripts must be evaluated by an accredited agency, such as Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE). The type of evaluation report should be general for students who have only a high school diploma, and a course-by-course report for students who have earned credits beyond high school. The report must show the equivalence of a U.S. GPA of at least a 3.0. We will not accept student or fax copies. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the Admissions Office.

If you have attended institutions outside of the Minnesota State system, request that your official transcript(s) be sent directly to the Admissions Office. Official transcripts submitted by applicants cannot be accepted unless the envelope is still sealed.

Start early to ensure that your official transcript(s) are in your application file before the application deadline for your program. Meeting the deadline is your responsibility.

If you have attended a non-U.S. post-secondary institution, college or university a course-by-course transcript evaluation by a NACES accredited agency is required for admission.

NACES accredited agencies:

Please note:

  • An official copy of your course-by-course transcript evaluation must be sent directly to the Admissions Office. We do not accept faxed copies or copies from students.
  • It can take six to eight weeks to receive a transcript evaluation report. Initiate this process well in advance to ensure your report is received prior to the application deadline for your program of interest. Metro State University is not responsible for any delays in receiving the report.

If you have attended a closed Minnesota institution, there are still ways of obtaining the transcripts. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education has taken over the processing for a majority of the closed institutions. Complete the online form to request an official transcript.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education – Transcript Request Form for closed institutions

If the school you have attended is not listed on the request form, please visit the higher education’s list of closed institutions and their contact information. Find the school in alphabetical order for directions on how to request the official transcript.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education – Contact Information for Student Records

Metropolitan State University verifies all students’ academic records in the National Student Clearinghouse after receiving an application.

Obtaining a complete academic record ensures an accurate transfer credit evaluation for our students.

If a college or university is flagged during the verification process and the student did not attend the institution, Metropolitan State requires a letter of non-attendance from the flagged institution.

Letter of non-attendance requirements

  • Format as a PDF Letter attachment or in the body of an email from the flagged institution
  • Email from flagged college or university to
  • Contains students first name, and last name
  • Optional: Students with common names can include their date of birth or a previous name to verify student information.

Video help

A video tutorial from the admissions office covering the different types of transcript requests.

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