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BIOL 350I Biology Internship

Internships offer students opportunities to gain deeper knowledge and skills in their chosen field. Students are responsible for locating their own internship. Metro faculty members serve as liaisons to the internship site supervisors and as evaluators to monitor student work and give academic credit for learning. Students are eligible to earn 1 credit for every 40 hours of work completed at their internship site. Students interested in internships within the Natural Sciences Department should work with their advisor and/or faculty internship coordinator to discuss the process for your specific major.

Special information

Note: Grading is Pass/No Credit (S/NC) only. In order to earn academic credit, complete an Academic Internship Agreement (AIA) form. The AIA, academic guidelines for each department, and internship resources can be found on the Career Center's website.
1-4 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 10, 2003 to present