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Aaron Klemz
  • Public and Nonprofit Leadership
aaron.klemz@metrostate.edu (651)999-5854
Abbey Mike Community Faculty
  • College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Abbie Langlois Community Faculty
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education
abbie.lesher@metrostate.edu (612)659-7120
Abdelkrim Dafaoui Professional Math Tutor
  • Center for Academic Excellence
abdelkrim.dafaoui@metrostate.edu (651)793-5812
Abdessamad Mortabit Associate Professor
  • Mathematics and Statistics
samad.mortabit@metrostate.edu (651)793-1459
Adam Doolittle
  • SCWA-Academic Writing and Reading
adam.doolittle@metrostate.edu (651)999-5940
Adam Meixner Senior Community Faculty
  • Economics and Finance
adam.meixner@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Adesola Oni
  • Human Services
adesola.oni@metrostate.edu (651)793-1342
Adrienne Falcon Professor, Department Chair
  • Public and Nonprofit Leadership
adrienne.falcon@metrostate.edu (651)999-5851
Ailesha Ringer Assistant Professor
  • SCWA-Professional Communication
ailesha.ringer@metrostate.edu (651)999-5956
Ajay Panicker Interim Dean of College of Community Studies and P
  • College of Community Studies and Public Affairs
ajay.panicker@metrostate.edu (651)793-1339
Alan Watts Senior Community Faculty
  • Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management
alan.watts@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Alayna Petersen Admissions Counselor, African and African American Liaison
  • Admissions
alayna.petersen@metrostate.edu (651)793-1563
Alberta Haley Professor, Department Chair
  • English as a Second Language, Secondary, and Special Education
nadine.haley@metrostate.edu (612)659-7127
Alec Campbell Director for Institutional Effectiveness & Researc
  • Institutional Research
alec.campbell@metrostate.edu (651)793-1259
Alec Sonsteby Associate Professor, Department Chair
  • Library and Information Services
alec.sonsteby@metrostate.edu (651)793-1636
Alejandra Estrin Dashe Associate Professor
  • Social Science
alejandra.estrin@metrostate.edu (651)793-1303
Alena McNamara CLA Academic Scheduler
  • College of Liberal Arts
Alex Hepp Community Faculty
  • Computer Science and Cybersecurity
alex.hepp@metrostate.edu (651)793-1606
Alexander Champoux-Crowley Community Faculty
  • SCWA-Academic Writing and Reading
alexander.champoux@metrostate.edu (651)999-5940
Alexandra Layne Associate Professor
  • SCWA-Technical Communications and Interaction Design
alex.layne@metrostate.edu (651)999-5948
Alice Moua Research Analyst
  • Institutional Research
alice.moua@metrostate.edu (651)793-1220
Alison Beech alison.beech@metrostate.edu
Alison Chorley Community Faculty
  • Human Services
alison.wobschall@metrostate.edu (651)793-1342
Alison Gulden Community Faculty
  • Nursing
alison.gulden@metrostate.edu (651)793-1375