About student organizations

Student Life and Leadership Development (SLLD) is currently home to 40+ student organizations with focus areas based on academic programs, professions, hobbies, identities, and/or civic engagement opportunities. Each student organization must select a staff or faculty advisor, have at least seven (7) active members, and have a leadership team of elected officers including a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

If students are interested in starting a new student organization, but don't have enough active members, they can start a Small Community. Small Communities include six (6) or fewer students interested in planning and implementing an event or social activity for the Metropolitan State University community (such as a game night or identity-based affinity group). This allows students to develop leadership skills and gain momentum to establish a registered student organization within a semester or two.

Students are encouraged to sign up on the OrgSync portal to learn more about student organizations, events, and involvement opportunities. Questions about starting a new student organization or finding an existing student organization or involvement can be directed to SLLD via email at student.life@metrostate.edu.

Starting a new student organization

Student organizations must remain open to all members of Metropolitan State University and provide important spaces for community building.

Undergraduate and graduate students can start a new student organization based on academic program, hobbies, interests, or topics at any point during the academic year. Student organizations must remain open to all members of Metropolitan State University and provide important spaces for community building.

To start a new student organization, participants must have a:

  1. written mission statement,
  2. a Metropolitan State University faculty or staff advisor,
  3. at least eight members who have been registered Metropolitan State University students for at least three academic terms,
  4. a completed Student Organization Registration form on OrgSync,
  5. a completed Equal Opportunity Statement form on OrgSync, and
  6. create a Student Organization page on the OrgSync portal.

Once the request has been submitted, all members of the Student Organization must present their proposal to the Student Senate. During this presentation, Student Senate will ask questions about the Student Organization to better understand their purpose at Metropolitan State University. Once the Student Organization is recognized, they must request startup funding up to $1,500 to the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC).

To contact Student Senate to be added to the agenda, e-mail: student.senate@metrostate.edu or student.life@metrostate.edu.

To contact SAFAC, e-mail: activityfees.studentcommittee@metrostate.edu or student.life@metrostate.edu.

For any questions or support in starting a New Student Organization, contact: student.life@metrostate.edu.