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At its heart, a gift to Metro State is an investment in our shared future. For your tax purposes, Metro State University Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (tax-ID number 23-7296162) and your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Mail your check payable to Metro State University Foundation to:

Metro State University Foundation
Founders Hall 142
700 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106-5000

Grants from your donor advised fund should be made payable to Metropolitan State University Foundation (EIN: 23-7296162) and mailed to:

Metro State University Foundation
Founders Hall 142
700 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106-5000

Appreciated stock can be a tax-wise way to make a gift to Metro State University. To ensure we know who the stock transfer is from and can receipt you properly, please contact Rachel Hughes with the number and type of shares you are transferring. Share this information with your broker to make your stock transfer:

  • Firm Name: Pershing, LLC
  • Tax ID: 23-7296162
  • DTC #: 0443
  • Account Name: Metropolitan State University Foundation
  • Account #: Q28135293

For assistance, contact Laura Getzin, FPQP, senior client associate, 715.858.7739

If you are 70 and one-half years or older you can make a rollover gift up to $100,000 directly from your IRA to Metro State University Foundation, which is referred to as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD). You may use a QDC from your IRA to satisfy some or all of your required minimum distribution, which could provide you tax savings. To be considered a QCD the check must be mailed directly from your financial intuition to the Metro State University Foundation:

Metro State University Foundation
Founders Hall 142
700 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106-5000

Your legacy can help shape the future of Metro State University. There are many ways to make a planned gift to Metro State—all of which demonstrate an intentional and lasting commitment to the university and can lessen the tax burden for you and your family. Your planned gift enables Metro State to honor its tradition of serving the unmet educational needs of the Twin Cities, as we prepare to meet and master the future, advantaging our graduates and enriching our communities. Learn more about the ways and benefits of legacy giving.

  • Learn more about gift planning

    Tailor your charitable gift to Metro State University Foundation to fit with your financial, tax or estate planning objectives.

Become a sustaining donor; provide continuing support to Metro State students through a regular monthly gift. To set up a commitment of $5 or more per month from a credit or debit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT), please go to our online giving page and check the box next to “Make this a monthly gift”.

Honor a loved one or other important person in your life by supporting Metro State. When you make a gift, simply include a note indicating the name of the person(s) you wish to honor along with their address(es). Unless you specify otherwise, we will send them or their family a special note of acknowledgment. You can easily provide this information via our online giving page.


If you have questions about how to make a gift or need assistance, please call 651-793-1830 or email us!

Your work makes a difference. Metro State students consistently rate the care and support they received from faculty and staff as a critical component of their success. Your gift creates a bridge for students, helping fund support services, student experiences, scholarships, and programs.

Your gift inspires others to give. Your generosity affirms Metro State’s goal to provide inclusive and engaging education to eliminate opportunity gaps and lead the Twin Cities community to a prosperous and equitable future.

Payroll Contribution

In addition to all the ways listed, university employees can make recurring gifts directly and automatically from their paycheck. Your payroll contribution of any amount has a significant impact for a student. To set up a gift through a payroll contribution, please complete and return the Payroll Contribution form (link below).

If you already contribute, thank you. You can make a change to your gift at any time. Increasing your payroll deduction by just $2.50 per pay period increases your gift by $65.00 per year. It’s a small change that has a big impact on the lives of students.

Contact Us

For specific questions about faculty and staff giving, please email or call us 651-793-1830.

Did you know that thousands of employers match gifts of their employees? Your gift to Metro State could have more impact than you think! Easily determine if your employer will match your gift and further your support of Metro State students!

Please use the below search tool to see if your company will match your gift and to access the forms, guidelines, and instructions that you need to submit a matching gift.

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Our Information
When submitting a matching gift through your company's electronic portal or if your company still uses as a paper form, you may need the following information:

Our EIN Number
Our Mailing Address
700 E 7th St. Saint Paul, MN 55116
Our Contact Information
Phone: 651.793.1830