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Accessible excellence

An affordable, quality education

As Minnesota’s most affordable university,
Metropolitan State places higher educational attainment within reach

Costs for undergraduate students

You’ll find all the features you want in an educational experience. Metropolitan State is an affordable education with smaller class sizes, personal attention, flexible schedules and experienced faculty.

Average annual undergrad tuition

Bar graph showing the comparative costs of annual tution: Metropolitan State University ($7,566), Univeristy of Minnesota Twin Cities ($13,790), and the average cost of private colleges ($37,063).


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Costs for graduate students

Metropolitan State provides graduate students with valuable, high-quality programs, designed students looking to advance both their careers and the breadth of their knowledge. We offer a wide range of professional and technical programs in addition to liberal arts programs.

Average graduate tuition per credit

Bar graph comparing Metropolitan State University ($390 per credit average) to private universities and colleges ($562) and the overall average cost of graduate programs ($635).

Loans, grants, scholarships
and student jobs

In addition to being an affordable education, Metropolitan State gives students the flexibility they need to pay their tuition. We’ll guide you through the process of applying for financial aid—and steer you in the direction or any grants or scholarships that you may qualify for.

For students looking for a hands-on experience, there are a number of options for student jobs for undergraduate and graduate students. While some student jobs are considered a form of financial aid, others are open to all students.

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