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Metropolitan State places higher educational attainment within reach

Tuition for Fall 2020

All tuition is subject to change by the Minnesota State Board.

General rates

Per credit Resident Nonresident
Undergraduate Graduate Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition $234.36 $420.25 $478.16 $840.52
Fees $37.11 $37.11 $37.11 $37.11

Specialty rates

Tuition per credit Resident Nonresident
Undergraduate Graduate Undergraduate Graduate
Online courses $310.56 $547.64 $310.56 $547.64
Natural Sciences $242.36 N/A $242.36 N/A
Nursing Courses (BS and MSN) $304.29 $540.31 $304.29 $540.31
Dental Hygiene (BSDH) $304.29 N/A $304.29 N/A
Dental Hygiene (MS in Advanced Dental Therapy/Oral Health Care Practitioner) N/A $1,616.16 N/A $1,616.16

Specialty program rates

Program Combined tuition and fees
Doctoral Nursing Courses
(including fees of $37.11/credit)
Doctoral DBA Courses
(including fees of $37.11/credit)
Law Enforcement Skills Courses
(including fees of $37.11/credit)


All fees are subject to change. Fees apply to all courses taken for credit, including online courses.

  • Activity fee: $4 per credit
  • Student Center fee: $8.50 per credit. Student center fees are assessed to all students. The fee supports the construction, maintenance and operation of the student center. The amount of this fee is determined by the Student Senate.
  • Technology fee: $11 per credit. The technology fee, assessed to all students, is used to support student computer labs and other technology that directly relates to instruction. There is a fee per credit hours.
  • MSUSA fee: $0.61 per credit. The Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) fee, assessed to all students, is determined by the MSUSA Minnesota State College and University System Board of Trustees. Funds are used by the MSUSA statewide, for activities representing students. There is a MSUSA fee per credit hour.
  • Healthcare/health services fee: $1 per credit. Healthcare services fees are assessed to all students. The healthcare fee was approved by the Student Senate. The fee is designed to cover the cost of providing healthcare services to students. There will be a list of contracted health care services and a staff member hired as a navigator to help students who need to access health care services.
  • Parking fee: $12 per credit. Parking fees are assessed to students and faculty/staff and visitors to use the Metro State University Parking Ramp in St. Paul and to park at contracted lots in various campus locations. The fee is used to pay for construction, maintenance and operation of the parking ramp and other parking costs incurred by the University. The rate is set after consultation with and input from the Student Senate. Background on parking fee: The City of Saint Paul required the university to build the parking ramp before allowing construction of the Jason R. Carter Science Education Center. Without construction of the ramp, the University would not have been able to expand and offer the exceptional natural science degrees, which are among our most sought-after academic programs. The ramp could only be financed with state revenue bonds, which require us to assess parking fees to cover the debt service, maintenance and operations of our parking facilities across all locations. We cannot use either tuition revenue or state appropriation to pay these parking ramp expenses. At the time the ramp was built, the student body leadership voted to assess the parking fee for all students, including those taking only online courses. This allows students access to campus to visit the library, Gateway Student Services, advisors, and take advantage of a number of other student services. It also represents a necessary expense of operating our physical campus and providing educational resources.

Other Fees

  • Graduate application fee: $20
  • Doctoral application fee: $40
  • Graduation fee: $20
  • NSF check fee: $20
  • Tuition late fee: $30
  • Transcript fee: $8
  • Rush (next day) transcript fee: $13
  • Online transcript fee: $5
  • Senior citizens (62 years and older): $20/credit
  • Additional course and lab fees vary
  • Noncredit workshop fees vary
  • Payment plan fees vary
  • Replacement ID fees vary
  • Health insurance fees vary

Loans, grants, scholarships
and student jobs

In addition to being an affordable education, Metropolitan State gives students the flexibility they need to pay their tuition. We’ll guide you through the process of applying for financial aid—and steer you in the direction or any grants or scholarships that you may qualify for.

For students looking for a hands-on experience, there are a number of options for student jobs for undergraduate and graduate students. While some student jobs are considered a form of financial aid, others are open to all students.

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